Configure a virtual network in Azure DevTest Labs

As explained in the article Add a VM to a lab, when you create a VM in a lab, you can specify a configured virtual network. For example, you might need to access your corpnet resources from your VMs using the virtual network that was configured with ExpressRoute or site-to-site VPN.

This article explains how to add your existing virtual network into a lab's Virtual Network settings so that it is available to choose when creating VMs.


To learn about costs associated with the Azure Virtual Network service, see Pricing for Azure Virtual Network.

Configure a virtual network for a lab using the Azure portal

The following steps walk you through adding an existing virtual network (and subnet) to a lab so that it can be used when creating a VM in the same lab.

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. Select All Services, and then select DevTest Labs from the list.

  3. From the list of labs, select the desired lab.

  4. On the lab's main pane, select Configuration and policies.

    Access the lab's configuration and policies

  5. In the EXTERNAL RESOURCES section, select Virtual networks. A list of virtual networks configured for the current lab is displayed as well as the default virtual network created for your lab.

  6. Select + Add.

    Add an existing virtual network to your lab

  7. On the Virtual network pane, select [Select virtual network].

    Select an existing virtual network

  8. On the Choose virtual network pane, select the desired virtual network. A list is displayed showing all of the virtual networks that are under the same region in the subscription as the lab.

  9. After selecting a virtual network, you are returned to the Virtual network pane. Select the subnet in the list at the bottom.

    Subnet list

    The Lab Subnet pane is displayed.

    Lab subnet pane

    • Specify a Lab subnet name.
    • To allow a subnet to be used in lab VM creation, select Use in virtual machine creation.
    • To enable a shared public IP address, select Enable shared public IP.
    • To allow public IP addresses in a subnet, select Allow public IP creation.
    • In the Maximum virtual machines per user field, specify the maximum VMs per user for each subnet. If you want an unrestricted number of VMs, leave this field blank.
  10. Select OK to close the Lab Subnet pane.

  11. Select Save to close the Virtual network pane.

Now that the virtual network is configured, it can be selected when creating a VM. To see how to create a VM and specify a virtual network, refer to the article, Add a VM to a lab.

Azure's Virtual Network Documentation provides more information about how to use VNets, including how to set up and manage a VNet and connect it to your on-premises network.

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Next steps

Once you have added the desired virtual network to your lab, the next step is to add a VM to your lab.