Register your Azure Digital Twins app with Azure Active Directory legacy

This article describes how to use the deprecated App registrations (Legacy) blade to register your sample application.


  • The new Azure Active Directory > App registrations blade replaces the legacy Azure Active Directory > App registrations (Legacy) blade May 2019.
  • App registrations created or displayed in the legacy blade will automatically appear in the new blade.
  • For comprehensive information about migrating to the new Azure App registration experience, read the Azure App registrations training guide and Azure Active Directory Quickstart.
  1. In the Azure portal, open Azure Active Directory from the left pane, and then open the Properties pane. Copy the Directory ID to a temporary file. You'll use this value to configure a sample application in the next section.

    Azure Active Directory directory ID

  2. In the Azure portal, open Azure Active Directory from the left pane, and then open the App registrations (Legacy) pane. Select the New application registration button.

  3. Give a friendly name for this app registration in the Name box. Choose Application type as Native, and Redirect URI as Select Create.

    Create pane

  4. Open the registered app, and copy the value of the Application ID field to a temporary file. This value identifies your Azure Active Directory app. You'll use the application ID to configure your sample application in the following sections.

    Azure Active Directory application ID

  5. Open your app registration pane. Select Settings > Required permissions, and then:

    a. Select Add on the upper left to open the Add API access pane.

    b. Select Select an API and search for Azure Digital Twins. If your search doesn't locate the API, search for Azure Smart Spaces instead.

    c. Select the Azure Digital Twins (Azure Smart Spaces Service) option and choose Select.

    d. Choose Select permissions. Select the Read/Write Access delegated permissions check box, and choose Select.

    e. Select Done in the Add API access pane.

    f. In the Required permissions pane, select the Grant permissions button, and accept the acknowledgment that appears. If the permission is not granted for this API, contact your administrator.

    Required permissions pane

Next steps

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