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by Larry Maccherone

Aggregations (Group-by, Pivot-table, and N-dimensional Cube) and Time Series Transformations as Stored Procedures in DocumentDB.

Check it out on Github and npm.

DocumentDB Studio

by Ming Liu

A client management viewer/explorer for Microsoft Azure DocumentDB service.

Check it out on Github.


by Ariel Mashraki

DoQmentDB is a Node.js promise-based client, that provides a MongoDB-like layer on top of DocumentDB.

Check it out on Github and npm.

TypeScript API

by Jelmer Cormont

A wrapper around the Node.js client written in TypeScript (works in plain JavaScript too). Supports async/await and a simplified API.

Check it out on Github and npm.

Swagger REST API for DocumentDB

by Howard Edidin

A DocumentDB REST API Swagger file that can be easily deployed as an API App.

Check it out on Github.


by Yoichi Kawasaki

fluent-plugin-documentdb is a Fluentd plugin for outputting to Azure DocumentDB.

Check it out on Github and rubygems.

Find more open source DocumentDB projects on GitHub.

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Events and recordings

Recent and upcoming events

Event Name Speaker Location Date Hashtag
South Florida Codecamp: NoSQL for .NET developers in under 10 minutes with Azure DocumentDB Santosh Hari Davie, FL March 11, 2017 #sflcc
Orlando Codecamp: NoSQL for .NET developers in under 10 minutes with Azure DocumentDB Santosh Hari Sanford, FL April 8, 2017 #OrlandoCC
Global Azure Bootcamp: Serverless computing in Azure with Azure Functions and DocumentDB Josh Lane Atlanta, GA April 22, 2017 #GlobalAzure
NDC Olso 2017: Azure DocumentDB - The Best NoSQL Database You're Probably Not Using (Yet) Josh Lane Olso, Norway June 14, 2017 #ndcoslo

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Previous events and recordings

Event Name Speaker Location Date Recording
Ignite Australia: Hello DocumentDB: Azure’s blazing fast, planet-scale NoSQL database Andrew Liu Queensland, Australia Wednesday February 15, 2017 Forthcoming
Ignite Australia: A Deep-Dive with Azure DocumentDB: Partitioning, Data Modelling, and Geo Replication Andrew Liu Queensland, Australia February 16, 2017 Forthcoming
Wintellect webinar: An Introduction to Azure DocumentDB Josh Lane Online January 12, 2017 1pm EST Azure DocumentDB: Your Cloud-powered, Geo-scaled, NoSQL Superweapon... Hiding in Plain Sight
Connect(); // 2016 Kirill Gavrylyuk New York, NY November 16-18, 2016 Channel 9 Connect(); videos
Capital City .NET Users Group Santosh Hari Tallahassee, FL November 3, 2016 n/a
Ignite 2016 DocumentDB team Atlanta, GA September 26-30, 2016 Slidedeck
DevTeach Ken Cenerelli Montreal, Canada July 4-8, 2016 NoSQL, No Problem, Using Azure DocumentDB
Integration and IoT Eldert Grootenboer Kontich, Belgium June 30, 2016 n/a
MongoDB World 2016 Kirill Gavrylyuk New York, New York June 28-29, 2016 n/a
Integration User Group Howard S. Edidin Webcast June 20, 2016 Do Logic Apps support error handling?
Meetup: UK Azure User Group Andrew Liu London, UK May 12, 2016 n/a
Meetup: ONETUG - Orlando .NET User Group Santosh Hari Orlando, FL May 12, 2016 n/a
SQLBits XV Andrew Liu, Aravind Ramachandran Liverpool, UK May 4-7, 2016 n/a
Meetup: NYC .NET Developers Group Leonard Lobel New York City, NY April 21, 2016 n/a
Integration User Group Howard Edidin Webinar April 25, 2016 n/a
Global Azure Bootcamp: SoCal Leonard Lobel Orange, CA April 16, 2016 n/a
Global Azure Bootcamp: Redmond David Makogon Redmond, WA April 16, 2016 n/a
SQL Saturday #481 - Israel 2016 Leonard Lobel HaMerkaz, Israel April 04, 2016 n/a
Build 2016 John Macintyre San Francisco, CA March 31, 2016 Delivering Applications at Scale with DocumentDB, Azure's NoSQL Document Database
SQL Saturday #505 - Belgium 2016 Mihail Mateev Antwerp, Belgium March 19, 2016 n/a
Meetup: CloudTalk Kirat Pandya Bellevue, WA March 3, 2016 n/a
Meetup: Azure Austin Merwan Chinta Austin, TX January 28, 2016 n/a
Meetup: msdevmtl Vincent-Philippe Lauzon Montreal, QC, Canada December 1, 2015 n/a
Meetup: SeattleJS David Makogon Seattle, WA November 12, 2015 n/a
PASS Summit 2015 Jeff Renz, Andrew Hoh, Aravind Ramachandran, John Macintyre Seattle, WA October 27-30, 2015 Developing Modern Applications on Azure
CloudDevelop 2015 David Makogon, Ryan Crawcour Columbus, OH October 23, 2015 n/a
SQL Saturday #454 - Turin 2015 Marco De Nittis Turin, Italy October 10, 2015 n/a
SQL Saturday #430 - Sofia 2015 Leonard Lobel Sofia, Bulgaria October 10, 2015 n/a
SQL Saturday #444 - Kansas City 2015 Jeff Renz Kansas City, MO October 3, 2015 n/a
SQL Saturday #429 - Oporto 2015 Leonard Lobel Oporto, Portugal October 3, 2015 n/a
AzureCon David Makogon, Ryan Crawcour, John Macintyre Virtual Event September 29, 2015 Azure data and analytics platform Working with NoSQL Data in DocumentDB
SQL Saturday #434 - Holland 2015 Leonard Lobel Utrecht, Netherlands September 26, 2015 Introduction to Azure DocumentDB
SQL Saturday #441 - Denver 2015 Jeff Renz Denver, CO September 19, 2015 n/a
Meetup: San Francisco Bay Area Azure Developers Andrew Liu San Francisco, CA September 15, 2015 n/a
Belarus Azure User Group Meet-Up Alex Zyl Minsk, Belarus September 9, 2015 Introduction to DocumentDB concept overview, consistency levels, sharding strategies
NoSQL Now! David Makogon, Ryan Crawcour San Jose, CA August 18-20, 2015 n/a
@Scale Seattle Dharma Shukla Seattle, WA June 17, 2015 Schema Agnostic Indexing with Azure DocumentDB
Tech Refresh 2015 Bruno Lopes Lisbon, Portugal June 15, 2015 DocumentDB 101
SQL Saturday #417 - Sri Lanka 2015 Mihail Mateev Colombo, Sri Lanka June 06, 2015 n/a
Meetup: Seattle Scalability Meetup Dharma Shukla Seattle, WA May 27, 2015 n/a
SQL Saturday #377 - Kiev 2015 Mihail Mateev Kiev, Ukraine May 23, 2015 n/a
Database Month Dharma Shukla New York, NY May 19, 2015 Azure DocumentDB: Massively-Scalable,­ Multi-Tenant Document Database Service
Meetup: London SQL Server User Group Allan Mitchell London, UK May 19, 2015 n/a
DevIntersection Andrew Liu Scottsdale, AZ May 18-21, 2015 n/a
Meetup: Seattle Web App Developers Group Andrew Liu Seattle, WA May 14, 2015 n/a
Ignite Andrew Hoh, John Macintyre Chicago, IL May 4-8, 2015 SELECT Latest FROM DocumentDB video DocumentDB and Azure HDInsight: Better Together video
Build 2015 Ryan Crawcour San Francisco, CA April 29 - May 1, 2015 Build the Next Big Thing with Azure’s NoSQL Service: DocumentDB
Global Azure Bootcamp 2015 - Spain Luis Ruiz Pavon, Roberto Gonzalez Madrid, Spain April 25, 2015 #DEAN DocumentDB + Express + AngularJS + NodeJS running on Azure
Meetup: Azure Usergroup Denmark Christian Holm Diget Copenhagen, Denmark April 16, 2015 n/a
Meetup: Charlotte Microsoft Cloud Jamie Rance Charlotte, NC April 8, 2015 n/a
SQL Saturday #375 - Silicon Valley 2015 Ike Ellis Mountain View, CA March 28, 2015 n/a
Meetup: Istanbul Azure Meetup Daron Yondem Istanbul, Turkey March 7, 2015 n/a
Meetup: Great Lakes Area .Net User Group Michael Collier Southfield, MI February 18, 2015 n/a
TechX Azure Magnus Mårtensson Stockholm, Sweden January 28-29, 2015 DocumentDB in Azure the new NoSQL option for the Cloud

Videos and Podcasts

Show Speaker Date Episode
Azure Friday Kirill Gavrylyuk October 31, 2016 What's new in Azure DocumentDB?
Channel 9: Microsoft + Open Source Jose Miguel Parrella April 14, 2016 From MEAN to DEAN in Azure with Bitnami, VM Scale Sets and DocumentDB
Wired2WinWebinar Sai Sankar Kunnathukuzhiyil March 9, 2016 Developing Solutions with Azure DocumentDB
Integration User Group Han Wong February 17, 2016 Analyze and visualize non-relational data with DocumentDB + Power BI
The Azure Podcast Cale Teeter January 14, 2016 Episode 110: Using DocumentDB & Search
Channel 9: Modern Applications Tara Shankar Jana December 13, 2016 Take a modern approach to data in your apps
NinjaTips Miguel Quintero December 10, 2015 DocumentDB - Un vistazo general
Integration User Group Howard Edidin November 9, 2015 Azure DocumentDB for Healthcare Integration – Part 2
Integration User Group Howard Edidin October 5, 2015 Azure DocumentDB for Healthcare Integration
DX Italy - #TecHeroes Alessandro Melchiori October 2, 2015 #TecHeroes - DocumentDB
Microsoft Cloud Show - Podcast Andrew Liu September 30, 2015 Episode 099 - Azure DocumentDB with Andrew Liu
.NET Rocks! - Podcast Ryan Crawcour September 29, 2015 Data on DocumentDB with Ryan CrawCour
Data Exposed Ryan Crawcour September 28, 2015 What's New with Azure DocumentDB Since GA
The Azure Podcast Cale Teeter September 17, 2015 Episode 94: re-architecture
Cloud Cover Ryan Crawcour September 4, 2015 Episode 185: DocumentDB Updates with Ryan CrawCour
CodeChat 033 Greg Doerr July 28, 2015 Greg Doerr on Azure DocumentDB
NoSql Central King Wilder May 25, 2015 Golf Tracker - A video overview on how to build a web application on top of AngularJS, WebApi 2, and DocumentDB.
In-Memory Technologies PASS Virtual Chapter Stephen Baron May 25, 2015 Hello DocumentDB
Data Exposed Ryan Crawcour April 8, 2015 DocumentDB General Availibility and What's New!
Data Exposed Andrew Liu March 17, 2015 Java SDK for DocumentDB
#DevHangout Gustavo Alzate Sandoval March 11, 2015 DocumentDB, la base de datos NoSql de Microsoft Azure
Data Architecture Virtual Chapter PASS Ike Ellis February 25, 2015 Introduction to DocumentDB

Online classes

Learning partner Description
Microsoft Virtual Academy Microsoft Virtual Academy offers you training from the people who help build Azure DocumentDB.
Pluralsight Pluralsight is a key Microsoft partner offering Azure training. If you are an MSDN subscriber, use your benefits to access Microsoft Azure training.
OpsGility OpsGility provides deep technical training on Microsoft Azure. Get instructor-led training on-site or through a remote classroom by their industry-acknowledged trainers.



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Forum provider Description
StackOverflow A language-independent collaboratively edited question and answer site for programmers. Follow our tag: azure-documentdb

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Open source projects

These projects are actively developed by the Azure DocumentDB team in collaboration with our open source community.


Platform Github Package
Node.js azure-documentdb-node npm
Java azure-documentdb-java Maven
Python azure-documentdb-python PyPI

Other projects

Name Github Website
Documentation azure-content Documentation website
Hadoop Connector azure-documentdb-hadoop Maven
Data migration tool azure-documentdb-datamigrationtool Microsoft download center

DocumentDB Wizards

DocumentDB Wizards are community leaders who’ve demonstrated an exemplary commitment to helping others get the most out of their experience with Azure DocumentDB. They share their exceptional passion, real-world knowledge, and technical expertise with the community and with the DocumentDB team.

Wizard Picture
Allan Mitchell Allan Mitchell
Jen Stirrup Jen Stirrup
Lenni Lobel Lenni Lobel
Mihail Mateev Mihail Mateev
Larry Maccherone Larry Maccherone
Howard Edidin Howard Edidin
Santosh Hari Santosh Hari
Matías Quaranta Matías Quaranta

Want to become a DocumentDB Wizard? While there is no benchmark for becoming a DocumentDB Wizard, some of the criteria we evaluate include the impact of a nominee’s contributions to online forums such as StackOverflow and MSDN; wikis and online content; conferences and user groups; podcasts, Web sites, blogs and social media; and articles and books. You can nominate yourself or someone else by sending us an email.