What is DocumentDB: API for MongoDB?

DocumentDB databases can now be used as the data store for apps written for MongoDB. This means that by using existing drivers for MongoDB databases, your application written for MongoDB can now communicate with DocumentDB and use DocumentDB databases instead of MongoDB databases. In many cases, you can switch from using MongoDB to DocumentDB by simply changing a connection string. Using this functionality, customers can easily build and run MongoDB database applications in the Azure cloud - leveraging DocumentDB's fully managed and scalable NoSQL databases - while continuing to use familiar skills and tools for MongoDB.

What is the benefit of using DocumentDB: API for MongoDB?

No Server Management - DocumentDB is a fully managed service, which means you do not have to manage any infrastructure or Virtual Machines yourself. DocumentDB is available in 30+ Azure Regions.

Limitless Scale - You can scale throughput and storage independently and elastically. You can add capacity to serve millions of requests per second with ease.

Enterprise grade - DocumentDB supports multiple local replicas to deliver 99.99% availability and data protection in the face of local and regional failures. DocumentDB has enterprise grade compliance certifications and security features.

MongoDB compatibility - DocumentDB: API for MongoDB is designed for compatability with MongoDB. You can use your existing code, applications, drivers, and tools to work with DocumentDB.

Learn more in this Azure Friday video with Scott Hanselman and DocumentDB Principal Engineering Manager, Kirill Gavrylyuk.

How to get started?

Create a DocumentDB: API for MongoDB account in the Azure Portal and swap the connection to your new account.

And, that's it!

For more detailed instructions, follow create account and connect to your account.

Next steps

Information about DocumentDB: API for MongoDB is integrated into the overall DocumentDB documentation, but here are a few pointers to get you started: