Azure Event Grid event schema

This article describes the properties and schema that are present for all events. Events consist of a set of five required string properties and a required data object. The properties are common to all events from any publisher. The data object contains properties that are specific to each publisher. For system topics, these properties are specific to the resource provider, such as Azure Storage or Azure Event Hubs.

Events are sent to Azure Event Grid in an array, which can contain multiple event objects. If there is only a single event, the array has a length of 1. The array can have a total size of up to 1 MB. Each event in the array is limited to 64 KB.

You can find the JSON schema for the Event Grid event and each Azure publisher's data payload in the Event Schema store.

Event schema

The following example shows the properties that are used by all event publishers:

    "topic": string,
    "subject": string,
    "id": string,
    "eventType": string,
    "eventTime": string,
    "dataVersion": string,
    "metadataVersion": string

For example, the schema published for an Azure Blob storage event is:

    "topic": "/subscriptions/{subscription-id}/resourceGroups/Storage/providers/Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts/xstoretestaccount",
    "subject": "/blobServices/default/containers/oc2d2817345i200097container/blobs/oc2d2817345i20002296blob",
    "eventType": "Microsoft.Storage.BlobCreated",
    "eventTime": "2017-06-26T18:41:00.9584103Z",
    "id": "831e1650-001e-001b-66ab-eeb76e069631",
    "data": {
      "api": "PutBlockList",
      "clientRequestId": "6d79dbfb-0e37-4fc4-981f-442c9ca65760",
      "requestId": "831e1650-001e-001b-66ab-eeb76e000000",
      "eTag": "0x8D4BCC2E4835CD0",
      "contentType": "application/octet-stream",
      "contentLength": 524288,
      "blobType": "BlockBlob",
      "url": "",
      "sequencer": "00000000000004420000000000028963",
      "storageDiagnostics": {
        "batchId": "b68529f3-68cd-4744-baa4-3c0498ec19f0"
    "dataVersion": "",
    "metadataVersion": "1"

Event properties

All events contain the same following top-level data:

Property Type Description
topic string Full resource path to the event source. This field is not writeable. Event Grid provides this value.
subject string Publisher-defined path to the event subject.
eventType string One of the registered event types for this event source.
eventTime string The time the event is generated based on the provider's UTC time.
id string Unique identifier for the event.
data object Event data specific to the resource provider.
dataVersion string The schema version of the data object. The publisher defines the schema version.
metadataVersion string The schema version of the event metadata. Event Grid defines the schema of the top-level properties. Event Grid provides this value.

To learn about the properties in the data object, see the event source:

For custom topics, the event publisher determines the data object. The top-level data should contain the same fields as standard resource-defined events. When publishing events to custom topics, you should consider modeling the subject of your events to aid in routing and filtering.

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