Event Grid on Kubernetes with Azure Arc - get support

This article provides information on how to get support if you run into issues with Event Grid on Kubernetes with Azure Arc.

How to create a support request

If you run into an issue, create an Azure support request by following these steps:

  1. For issue type, select Technical.
  2. When prompted, select your Azure subscription from the values provided.
  3. For Service, select All Services.
  4. For Service type, type a suitable service depending on what step you're getting problems.
    1. If you're experiencing problems when connecting your cluster to Azure, type Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes and select that option.
    2. If you're experiencing problems in any other step of the installation steps, type Event Grid on Kubernetes with Azure Arc and select that option.
  5. For Resource, select a suitable Azure resource or select General question if there's no resource available.
  6. In the Summary field, provide a succinct description of your problem.
  7. For Problem type, select Cluster connect if you're having problems with connecting your cluster to Azure Arc. For other issues, select a suitable option. For example, select Management issues if you're experiencing problems while deploying Event Grid or creating a topic or event subscription.
  8. For Problem subtype, select a suitable option.
  9. Select Next: Solutions. The Solutions tab is shown.
  10. Read through the suggested solutions. If you do not find a suitable solution or the solution did not solve the issue, select Next: Details at the bottom of the page.
  11. On the Details page, fill out the form with the information requested.
  12. Select Review + create.
  13. Review the information provided and select Create at the bottom of the page.

Next steps

To learn more about Event Grid on Kubernetes, see Event Grid on Kubernetes with Azure Arc (Preview) - overview.