What is Azure FXT Edge Filer hybrid storage cache?

Azure FXT Edge Filer is a hybrid storage caching appliance that provides fast file access and active archive for high-performance computing (HPC) tasks.

It works with multiple data sources, whether stored in a local data center, remotely, or in the cloud. The Azure FXT Edge Filer can provide a unified namespace for data in diverse storage systems.

Three or more FXT Edge Filer hardware devices work together as a clustered filesystem to provide the cache. For details about purchasing the required hardware, contact your Microsoft representative.

To learn more, read the product information and data sheet on Azure FXT Edge Filer.

Use cases

The Azure FXT Edge Filer enhances productivity best for workflows like these:

  • Read-heavy file access workflow
  • NFSv3 or SMB2 protocols
  • Compute farms of 1000 to 100,000 CPU cores

NAS optimization and scaling

You can use the Azure FXT Edge Filer cache to smooth access to existing NetApp and Dell EMC Isilon NAS systems. You also can add Azure Blob or other cloud storage to provide scalability without having to rework data access processes on the client side.

WAN caching

Azure FXT Edge Filer can be used to support fast file access from power users when the data they need is stored elsewhere. Provide access while keeping backup and other data management systems in a centralized data center.

Active archive in Azure Blob

Expand your data center into cloud storage with Azure FXT Edge Filer as the access point.


Two hardware models are available.

Model DRAM NVMe SSD Network ports
FXT 6600 1536 GB 25.6 TB 6 x 25Gb/10Gb + 2 x 1Gb
FXT 6400 768 GB 12.8 TB 6 x 25Gb/10Gb + 2 x 1Gb

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