Azure HDInsight release notes

This article provides information about the most recent Azure HDInsight release updates. For information on earlier releases, see HDInsight Release Notes Archive.


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Release date: 06/03/2022

This release applies for HDInsight 4.0. HDInsight release is made available to all regions over several days. The release date here indicates the first region release date. If you don't see below changes, wait for the release being live in your region over several days.

Release highlights

The Hive Warehouse Connector (HWC) on Spark v3.1.2

The Hive Warehouse Connector (HWC) allows you to take advantage of the unique features of Hive and Spark to build powerful big-data applications. HWC is currently supported for Spark v2.4 only. This feature adds business value by allowing ACID transactions on Hive Tables using Spark. This feature is useful for customers who use both Hive and Spark in their data estate. For more information, see Apache Spark & Hive - Hive Warehouse Connector - Azure HDInsight | Microsoft Docs


  • Scaling and provisioning improvement changes
  • HDI hive is now compatible with OSS version 3.1.2

HDI Hive 3.1 version is upgraded to OSS Hive 3.1.2. This version has all fixes and features available in open source Hive 3.1.2 version.



  • If you are using Azure User Interface to create Spark Cluster for HDInsight, you will see from the dropdown list an additional version Spark 3.1.(HDI 5.0) along with the older versions. This version is a renamed version of Spark 3.1.(HDI 4.0). This is only an UI level change, which doesn’t impact anything for the existing users and users who are already using the ARM template.

Screenshot_of spark 3.1 for HDI 5.0.


Interactive Query

  • If you are creating an Interactive Query Cluster, you will see from the dropdown list an additional version as Interactive Query 3.1 (HDI 5.0).
  • If you are going to use Spark 3.1 version along with Hive which require ACID support, you need to select this version Interactive Query 3.1 (HDI 5.0).

Screenshot_of interactive query 3.1 for HDI 5.0.

TEZ bug fixes

Bug Fixes Apache JIRA
TezUtils.createConfFromByteString on Configuration larger than 32 MB throws exception TEZ-4142
TezUtils createByteStringFromConf should use snappy instead of DeflaterOutputStream TEZ-4113

HBase bug fixes

Bug Fixes Apache JIRA
TableSnapshotInputFormat should use ReadType.STREAM for scanning HFiles HBASE-26273
Add option to disable scanMetrics in TableSnapshotInputFormat HBASE-26330
Fix for ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when balancer is executed HBASE-22739

Hive bug fixes

Bug Fixes Apache JIRA
NPE when inserting data with 'distribute by' clause with dynpart sort optimization HIVE-18284
MSCK REPAIR Command with Partition Filtering Fails While Dropping Partitions HIVE-23851
Wrong exception thrown if capacity<=0 HIVE-25446
Support parallel load for HastTables - Interfaces HIVE-25583
Include MultiDelimitSerDe in HiveServer2 By Default HIVE-20619
Remove glassfish.jersey and mssql-jdbc classes from jdbc-standalone jar HIVE-22134
Null pointer exception on running compaction against an MM table. HIVE-21280
Hive query with large size via knox fails with Broken pipe Write failed HIVE-22231
Adding ability for user to set bind user HIVE-21009
Implement UDF to interpret date/timestamp using its internal representation and Gregorian-Julian hybrid calendar HIVE-22241
Beeline option to show/not show execution report HIVE-22204
Tez: SplitGenerator tries to look for plan files, which won't exist for Tez HIVE-22169
Remove expensive logging from the LLAP cache hotpath HIVE-22168
UDF: FunctionRegistry synchronizes on org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.udf.UDFType class HIVE-22161
Prevent the creation of query routing appender if property is set to false HIVE-22115
Remove cross-query synchronization for the partition-eval HIVE-22106
Skip setting up hive scratch dir during planning HIVE-21182
Skip creating scratch dirs for tez if RPC is on HIVE-21171
switch Hive UDFs to use Re2J regex engine HIVE-19661
Migrated clustered tables using bucketing_version 1 on hive 3 uses bucketing_version 2 for inserts HIVE-22429
Bucketing: Bucketing version 1 is incorrectly partitioning data HIVE-21167
Adding ASF License header to the newly added file HIVE-22498
Schema tool enhancements to support mergeCatalog HIVE-22498
Hive with TEZ UNION ALL and UDTF results in data loss HIVE-21915
Split text files even if header/footer exists HIVE-21924
MultiDelimitSerDe returns wrong results in last column when the loaded file has more columns than the once are present in table schema HIVE-22360
LLAP external client - Need to reduce LlapBaseInputFormat#getSplits() footprint HIVE-22221
Column name with reserved keyword is unescaped when query including join on table with mask column is rewritten (Zoltan Matyus via Zoltan Haindrich) HIVE-22208
Prevent LLAP shutdown on AMReporter related RuntimeException HIVE-22113
LLAP status service driver may get stuck with wrong Yarn app ID HIVE-21866
OperationManager.queryIdOperation doesn't properly clean up multiple queryIds HIVE-22275
Bringing a node manager down blocks restart of LLAP service HIVE-22219
StackOverflowError when drop lots of partitions HIVE-15956
Access check is failed when a temporary directory is removed HIVE-22273
Fix wrong results/ArrayOutOfBound exception in left outer map joins on specific boundary conditions HIVE-22120
Remove distribution management tag from pom.xml HIVE-19667
Parsing time can be high if there's deeply nested subqueries HIVE-21980
For ALTER TABLE t SET TBLPROPERTIES ('EXTERNAL'='TRUE'); TBL_TYPE attribute changes not reflecting for non-CAPS HIVE-20057
JDBC: HiveConnection shades log4j interfaces HIVE-18874
Update repo URLs in poms - branh 3.1 version HIVE-21786
DBInstall tests broken on master and branch-3.1 HIVE-21758
Load data into a bucketed table is ignoring partitions specs and loads data into default partition HIVE-21564
Queries with join condition having timestamp or timestamp with local time zone literal throw SemanticException HIVE-21613
Analyze compute stats for column leave behind staging dir on HDFS HIVE-21342
Incompatible change in Hive bucket computation HIVE-21376
Provide a fallback authorizer when no other authorizer is in use HIVE-20420
Some alterPartitions invocations throw 'NumberFormatException: null' HIVE-18767
HiveServer2: Preauthenticated subject for http transport isn't retained for entire duration of http communication in some cases HIVE-20555