Use Interactive Query with HDInsight

Interactive Query (also called Hive LLAP, or Low Latency Analytical Processing) is an Azure HDInsight cluster type. Interactive Query supports in-memory caching, which makes Hive queries faster and much more interactive.

An Interactive Query cluster is different from a Hadoop cluster. It contains only the Hive service.


You can access the Hive service in the Interactive Query cluster only via Ambari Hive View, Beeline, and the Microsoft Hive Open Database Connectivity driver (Hive ODBC). You can’t access it via the Hive console, Templeton, the Azure Classic CLI, or Azure PowerShell.

Create an Interactive Query cluster

For information about creating a HDInsight cluster, see Create Hadoop clusters in HDInsight. Choose the Interactive Query cluster type.

Execute Hive queries from Interactive Query

To execute Hive queries, you have the following options:

To find the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) connection string:

  1. Sign in to Ambari by using the following URL: https://<cluster name>
  2. In the left menu, select Hive.
  3. To copy the URL, select the clipboard icon:

    HDInsight Hadoop Interactive Query LLAP JDBC

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