Backup and restore

Bot backups support multiple use cases. Backup files contain all the information required to recreate a bot instance allowing you to easily restore your bot instance to a previous point in time or roll back to a previous working version.

Backups also improve the management experience and deployment processes for tenants with multiple bot instances. For example,you can use backups to replicate a bot and test small changes, or transfer new bot versions between test and production environments.

Create a backup file

In the management portal header navigate to settings menu. Select the backup option to download a backup file. Please note that this operation can take several minutes to complete depending on the size of your bots assets. The file will automatically download to your default download folder.

Screen shot of backup option

Restore from a backup file

In the management portal header navigate to the settings menu and select the restore action.Use the file picker to locate the backup file with the bot version that you would like to restore.

Screen shot of restore option

Confirm the restore action by typing "Restore". Assets such as Scenarios and Language models will be merged with your bot. If the assets in the backup file have names that conflict with the assets in your bot, they will overwrite the existing bot assets.