Testing your application

Here, you learn how to prepare for application testing.


You can test with either Azure RMS or an RMS server running on Windows Server. Begin testing with Azure RMS and test with RMS Server (if required for your deployment).

  • For testing with Azure RMS, see How-to: use ADAL authentication.

  • For testing with RMS Server, see How-to: install and configure an RMS server.

  • To install the developer runtime:

    You must have the Rights Management Service Client 2.1 installed on the computer on which you will be testing your application.

    • To test your application on a computer other than your development computer, install the RMS Client 2.1 on that computer from the AD RMS Client download page.

    • Your development computer should have the Rights Management Services SDK 2.1, which was previously installed.

      For help installing RMS SDK 2.1, see Install the SDK.


This guidance is not comprehensive. To learn how to configure the RMS Client 2.1, see RMS Client 2.1 Deployment Notes.