Connect an Azure Sphere device to your Azure IoT Central application

This article applies to device developers.

This article shows you how to connect an Azure Sphere (DevKit) device to an Azure IoT Central application.

Azure Sphere is a secured, high-level application platform with built-in communication and security features for internet-connected devices. It includes a secured, connected, crossover microcontroller unit (MCU), a custom high-level Linux-based operating system (OS), and a cloud-based security service that provides continuous, renewable security. For more information, see What is Azure Sphere?.

Azure Sphere development kits provide everything you need to start prototyping and developing Azure Sphere applications. Azure IoT Central with Azure Sphere enables an end-to-end stack for an IoT Solution. Azure Sphere provides the device support and IoT Central as a zero-code, managed IoT application platform.

In this how-to article, you:

  • Create an Azure Sphere device in IoT Central using the Azure Sphere DevKit device template from the library.
  • Prepare Azure Sphere DevKit device for Azure IoT.
  • Connect Azure Sphere DevKit to Azure IoT Central.
  • View the telemetry from the device in IoT Central.


To complete the steps in this article, you need the following resources:


If you don't have a physical device, then after the first step step skip to the last section to try a simulated device.

Create the device in IoT Central

To create an Azure Sphere device in IoT Central:

  1. In your Azure IoT Central application, select the Device Templates tab and select + New. In the section Use a featured device template, select Azure Sphere Sample Device.

    Device template for Azure Sphere DevKit

  2. In the device template, edit the view called Overview to show Temperature and Button Press.

  3. Select the Editing Device and Cloud Data view type to add another view that shows the read/write property Status LED. Drag the Status LED property to the empty, dotted rectangle on the right-side of the form. Select Save.

Prepare the device

Before you can connect the Azure Sphere DevKit device to IoT Central, you need to setup the device and development environment.

Connect the device

To enable the sample to connect to IoT Central, you must configure an Azure IoT Central application and then modify the sample's application manifest.

View the telemetry from the device

When the device is connected to IoT Central, you can see the telemetry on the dashboard.

Dashboard for Azure Sphere DevKit

Create a simulated device

If you don't have a physical Azure Sphere DevKit device, you can create a simulated device to try Azure IoT Central application.

To create a simulated device:

  • Select Devices > Azure IoT Sphere
  • Select + New.
  • Enter a unique Device ID and a friendly Device name.
  • Enable the Simulated setting.
  • Select Create.

Next steps

If you're a device developer, some suggested next steps are to: