Frequently asked questions for IoT Central

How do I check for credential issues if a device isn't connecting to my IoT Central application?

The Troubleshoot why data from your devices isn't showing up in Azure IoT Central includes steps to diagnose connectivity issues for devices.

How do I file a ticket with customer support?

If you need help, you can file an Azure support ticket.

For more information, including other support options, see Azure IoT support and help options.

How do I unblock a device?

When a device is blocked, it can't send data to your IoT Central application. Blocked devices have a status of Blocked on the Devices page in your application. An operator must unblock the device before it can resume sending data:

Screenshot showing blocked device

When an operator unblocks a device the status returns to its previous value, Registered or Provisioned.

How do I approve a device?

If the device status is Waiting for Approval on the Devices page, it means the Auto approve option is disabled:

Screenshot showing application with auto-approve option disabled.

An operator must explicitly approve a device before it starts sending data. Devices not registered manually on the Devices page, but connected with valid credentials will have the device status Waiting for Approval. Operators can approve these devices from the Devices page using the Approve button:

Screenshot showing how to approve a device

How do I associate a device with a device template?

If the device status is Unassociated, it means the device connecting to IoT Central doesn't have an associated device template. This situation typically happens in the following scenarios:

  • A set of devices is added using Import on the Devices page without specifying the device template.
  • A device was registered manually on the Devices page without specifying the device template. The device then connected with valid credentials.

The operator can associate a device to a device template from the Devices page using the Migrate button. To learn more, see Manage devices in your Azure IoT Central application > Migrating devices to a template.

Where can I learn more about IoT Hub?

Azure IoT Central uses Azure IoT Hub as a cloud gateway that enables device connectivity. IoT Hub enables:

  • Data ingestion at scale in the cloud.
  • Device management.
  • Secure device connectivity.

To learn more about IoT Hub, see Azure IoT Hub.

Where can I learn more about the Device Provisioning Service (DPS)?

Azure IoT Central uses DPS to enable devices to connect to your application. To learn more about the role DPS plays in connecting devices to IoT Central, see Get connected to Azure IoT Central. To learn more about DPS, see Provisioning devices with Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service.