About your application

This article shows you how to get information about your IoT Central application. You may need:

  • This information if you contact support.
  • The Azure subscription your application uses to locate billing information in the Azure portal.
  • The application's ID when you're working with the REST API.
  • The application's version to complete tasks such as adding a connector.

Get information about your application

To get information about your IoT Central application:

  1. Select the Help link on the top menu.

  2. Select About your app.

  3. The About your app page shows information about your application:

    About your app screenshot

    Use the Copy info button to copy the information to the clipboard.

Next steps

Now that you know how to find the version of your IoT Central application, a suggested next step is to continue exploring the how-to articles for administrators: Change IoT Central application settings.