Group multiple actions to run from one or more rules

This article applies to builders and administrators.

In Azure IoT Central, you create rules to run actions when a condition is met. Rules are based on device telemetry or events. For example, you can notify an operator when the temperature of a device exceeds a threshold. This article describes how to use Azure Monitor action groups to attach multiple actions to an IoT Central rule. You can attach an action group to multiple rules. An action group is a collection of notification preferences defined by the owner of an Azure subscription.


  • An application created using a standard pricing plan
  • An Azure account and subscription to create and manage Azure Monitor action groups

Create action groups

You can create and manage action groups in the Azure portal or with an Azure Resource Manager template.

An action group can:

  • Send notifications such as an email, an SMS, or make a voice call.
  • Run an action such as calling a webhook.

The following screenshot shows an action group that sends email and SMS notifications and calls a webhook:

Action group

To use an action group in an IoT Central rule, the action group must be in the same Azure subscription as the IoT Central application.

Use an action group

To use an action group in your IoT Central application, first create a rule. When you add an action to the rule, select Azure Monitor Action Groups:

Choose action

Choose an action group from your Azure subscription:

Choose action group

Select Save. The action group now appears in the list of actions to run when the rule is triggered:

Saved action group

The following table summarizes the information sent to the supported action types:

Action type Output format
Email Standard IoT Central email template
SMS Azure IoT Central alert: ${applicationName} - "${ruleName}" triggered on "${deviceName}" at ${triggerDate} ${triggerTime}
Voice Azure I.O.T Central alert: rule "${ruleName}" triggered on device "${deviceName}" at ${triggerDate} ${triggerTime}, in application ${applicationName}
Webhook { "schemaId" : "AzureIoTCentralRuleWebhook", "data": {regular webhook payload}}

The following text is an example SMS message from an action group:

iotcentral: Azure IoT Central alert: Contoso - "Low pressure alert" triggered on "Motion sensor 2" at March 20, 2019 10:12 UTC

Next steps

Now that you've learned how to use action groups with rules, the suggested next step is to learn how to manage your devices.