Azure IoT Edge

Azure IoT Edge is an Internet of Things (IoT) service that builds on top of IoT Hub. This service is meant for customers who want to analyze data on devices, a.k.a. "at the edge", instead of in the cloud. By moving parts of your workload to the edge, your devices can spend less time sending messages to the cloud and react more quickly to changes in status.

5-Minute Quickstarts

Create an Azure virtual machine, configure it to run as an IoT Edge device, and deploy code to it:

Step-by-Step Tutorials

Learn how to install and configure IoT Edge, deploy modules, and utilize Azure services like Stream Analytics and Custom Vision at the edge.

  1. Set up your development machine and learn about IoT Edge modules for Linux devices or Windows devices.
  2. Develop custom code modules for Linux devices in C, C#, Python, Node.js, or Java.
  3. Develop custom code modules for Windows devices in C or C#.
  4. Filter messages with Azure Functions
  5. Find averages with Azure Stream Analytics as a module
  6. Score data with Azure Machine Learning as a module
  7. Classify images with Custom Vision Service as a module
  8. Store data at the edge with SQL Server