Azure tools for Java developers

Supported JDK runtimes

Java developers on Azure and Azure Stack can build and run production Java 7,8, and 11 applications using Azul Systems Zulu Enterprise builds of OpenJDK without incurring additional support costs. If you’re currently running Java apps with other JDKs, consider migrating to Zulu on Azure for free support and maintenance.

For more information about the supported JDKs available for use when developing on Azure, see

Eclipse and IntelliJ plugins

Manage Azure resources and deploy apps from your IDE with The Azure toolkits for Eclipse and IntelliJ.

IntelliJ toolkit showing the Azure Explorer

Get started with Azure Toolkit for Eclipse | Get started with Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ

Visual Studio Code

VS Code is a lightweight but powerful code editor available for MacOS, Windows, and Linux. VS Code supports a simple, modern Java development workflow through a set of extensions that provide project support, code completion, debugging, linting, and navigation.

Get Started with VS Code and Java Java extension pack for VS Code

Azure CLI 2.0

The Azure 2.0 CLI provides a command-line experience to manage Azure resources. You can use it in your browser with Azure Cloud Shell, or you can install it on macOS, Linux, and Windows and run it from the command line.

Get started with Azure CLI 2.0.

Azure Storage Explorer

Manage Azure storage accounts, containers, and blobs/files from your desktop. Azure Storage Explorer is currently in Preview and works on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Get started with Azure Storage Explorer