Create Azure Machine Learning Studio experiments from working examples in Azure AI Gallery

Learn how to start with example experiments from Azure AI Gallery instead of creating machine learning experiments from scratch. You can use the examples to build your own machine learning solution.

The gallery has example experiments by the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio team as well as examples shared by the Machine Learning community. You also can ask questions or post comments about experiments.

To see how to use the gallery, watch the 3-minute video Copy other people's work to do data science from the series Data Science for Beginners.

To see what experiments are available, go to the Gallery and click Experiments at the top of the page.

On this page, you can see Recently added experiments, or scroll down to look at What's popular or the latest Popular Microsoft experiments.

Look for an experiment that meets specific requirements

To browse all experiments:

  1. Click Browse all at the top of the page.

  2. On the left-hand side, under Refine by in the Categories section, select Experiment to see all the experiments in the Gallery.

  3. You can find experiments that meet your requirements a couple different ways:

    • Select filters on the left. For example, to browse experiments that use a PCA-based anomaly detection algorithm: Under Categories click Experiment. Then, under Algorithms Used, click Show all and in the dialog box choose PCA-Based Anomaly Detection. You may have to scroll to see it.
      Select filters
    • Use the search box. For example, to find experiments contributed by Microsoft related to digit recognition that use a two-class support vector machine algorithm, enter "digit recognition" in the search box. Then, select the filters Experiment, Microsoft content only, and Two-Class Support Vector Machine:
      Use the search box
  4. Click an experiment to learn more about it.

  5. To run and/or modify the experiment, click Open in Studio on the experiment's page.

    Example experiment


    When you open an experiment in Machine Learning Studio for the first time, you can try it for free or buy an Azure subscription. Learn about the Machine Learning Studio free trial vs. paid service

Create a new experiment using an example as a template

You also can create a new experiment in Machine Learning Studio using a Gallery example as a template.

  1. Sign in with your Microsoft account credentials to the Studio, and then click New to create an experiment.
  2. Browse through the example content and click one.

A new experiment is created in your Machine Learning Studio workspace using the example experiment as a template.

Next steps