Microsoft.Common.PasswordBox UI element

A control that can be used to provide and confirm a password. You use this element when creating an Azure Managed Application.

UI sample



  "name": "element1",
  "type": "Microsoft.Common.PasswordBox",
  "label": {
    "password": "Password",
    "confirmPassword": "Confirm password"
  "toolTip": "",
  "constraints": {
    "required": true,
    "regex": "",
    "validationMessage": ""
  "options": {
    "hideConfirmation": false
  "visible": true


  • This element doesn't support the defaultValue property.
  • For implementation details of constraints, see Microsoft.Common.TextBox.
  • If options.hideConfirmation is set to true, the second text box for confirming the user's password is hidden. The default value is false.

Sample output


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