Quickstart: Create an Azure Managed Grafana Preview instance using the Azure portal

Get started by creating an Azure Managed Grafana Preview workspace using the Azure portal. Creating a workspace will generate a Managed Grafana instance.


An Azure account with an active subscription. Create an account for free.


Azure Managed Grafana doesn't support personal Microsoft accounts currently.

Create a Managed Grafana workspace

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal with your Azure account.

  2. In the upper-left corner of the home page, select Create a resource. In the Search services and marketplace box, enter Managed Grafana and select Azure Managed Grafana.

    Screenshot of the Azure platform. Find Azure Managed Grafana in the marketplace.

  3. Select Create.

  4. In the Create Grafana Workspace pane, enter the following settings.

    Screenshot of the Azure portal. Create workspace form.

    Setting Sample value Description
    Subscription ID mysubscription Select the Azure subscription you want to use.
    Resource group name myresourcegroup Select or create a resource group for your Azure Managed Grafana resources.
    Location East US Use Location to specify the geographic location in which to host your resource. Choose the location closest to you.
    Name mygrafanaworkspace Enter a unique resource name. It will be used as the domain name in your Managed Grafana instance URL.
  5. Select Next : Permission > to access rights for your Grafana instance and data sources:

    1. Make sure the System assigned identity is set to On. The box Add role assignment to this identity with 'Monitoring Reader' role on target subscription should also be checked for this Managed Identity to get access to your current subscription.

    2. Make sure that you're listed as a Grafana administrator. You can also add more users as administrators at this point or later.

    If you uncheck this option (or if the option grays out for you), someone with the Owner role on the subscription can do the role assignment to give you the Grafana Admin permission.


    If creating a Managed Grafana instance fails the first time, please try again. The failure might be due to a limitation in our backend, and we are actively working to fix.

  6. Optionally select Next : Tags and add tags to categorize resources.

  7. Select Next : Review + create > and then Create. Your Azure Managed Grafana resource is deploying.

Access your Managed Grafana instance

  1. Once the deployment is complete, select Go to resource to open your resource.

    Screenshot of the Azure portal. Message: Your deployment is complete.

  2. In the Overview tab's Essentials section, select the Endpoint URL. Single sign-on via Azure Active Directory should have been configured for you automatically. If prompted, enter your Azure account.

    Screenshot of the Azure portal. Endpoint URL display.

    Screenshot of a Managed Grafana instance.

You can now start interacting with the Grafana application to configure data sources, create dashboards, reporting and alerts.

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