How to publish and manage an offer in the Azure Marketplace

This article is provided to help a developer create, deploy, and manage their solutions listed in the Azure Marketplace for other Azure customers and partners to purchase and utilize.

What is the Azure Marketplace?

As an Azure publisher, the Azure Marketplace is how you can distribute and sell your innovative solution or service to other developers, ISVs, and IT professionals who want to quickly develop their cloud-based applications and mobile solutions. If your solution targets business users, then you may want to consider the AppSource marketplace.

Supported types of solutions

The first thing you would want to do as a publisher is to define what kind of solution your company is offering. The Azure Marketplace supports the following types of offers:

Solution Type Virtual Machine Solution Template
Definition Pre-configured images with a fully installed operating system and one or more applications. A virtual machine image provides the information necessary to create and deploy virtual machines in the Azure Virtual Machines service. A data structure that can reference one or more distinct Azure services, including services published by other sellers, to enable Azure subscribers to deploy one or more offerings in a single, coordinated manner.
Example For example, as an Azure publisher, you've created and validated a VM with an innovative database service that's compelling enough such that other Azure subscribers would be willing to procure and deploy this VM into their cloud service environments. For example, as an Azure publisher, you've bundled a set of services from across Azure that make it quick to deploy cloud services with load balancing, enhanced security and high availability. Other Azure subscribers can save time by procuring the solution template that meets their objective rather manually locating, procuring, deploying and configuring the same or similar Azure services.

Please note some steps are shared between the different types of solutions and others are distinct to the respective type of solution. This article provides a short overview of what steps you will need to complete for any type of solution.

How to publish a solution


1. Nominate your solution for pre-approval

  • Complete the solution nomination form for Microsoft Azure Certified for Virtual Machines here

If you are working with a Partner Account Manager or a DX Partner Manager, please ask them to nominate your solution for the Azure Certified program OR go to the Microsoft Azure Certified webpage, fill out the application form and enter the email of your Partner Account Manager or DX Partner Manager in the Microsoft Sponsor Contact field.

If the eligibility criteria is met per the Azure Marketplace participation policies and your application is approved, we will start working with you to onboard your solution to the Azure Marketplace.

2. Register your account as a Microsoft seller

3. Publish your solution

  1. Fulfill non-technical requirements
  1. Create your offer
  1. Create your offer marketing content
  2. Test your offer in staging
  1. Deploy your offer to the Azure Marketplace

Virtual Machine Image specific

How to manage your solution

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