Create a virtual machine using your own image

This article describes how to publish a virtual machine (VM) image that you built on your premises.

Bring your image into Azure

Upload your VHD to an Azure shared image gallery.

  1. On the Azure portal, search for Shared image galleries.
  2. Create or use an existing shared image gallery. We suggest you create a separate Shared image gallery for images being published to Marketplace.
  3. Create or use an existing image definition.
  4. Select Create a version.
  5. Choose the region and image version.
  6. If your VHD is not yet uploaded to Azure portal, choose Storage blobs (VHDs) as the Source, then Browse. You can create a storage account and storage container if you haven’t created one before. Upload your VHD.
  7. Select Review + create. Once validation finishes, select Create.


Publisher account must have “Owner” access to publish the SIG Image. If required, follow the steps in the following section, Set the right permissions, to grant access.

Set the right permissions

If your Partner Center account is the owner of the subscription hosting Shared Image Gallery, nothing further is needed for permissions.

If you only have read access to the subscription, use one of the following two options.

Option one – Ask the owner to grant owner permission

Steps for the owner to grant owner permission:

  1. Go to the Shared Image Gallery (SIG).
  2. Select Access control (IAM) on the left panel.
  3. Select Add, then Add role assignment.
    The add role assignment window is shown.
  4. For Role, select Owner.
  5. For Assign access to, select User, group, or service principal.
  6. For Select, enter the Azure email of the person who will publish the image.
  7. Select Save.

Option Two – Run a command

Ask the owner to run either one of these commands (in either case, use the SusbscriptionId of the subscription where you created the Shared image gallery).

az login
az provider register --namespace Microsoft.PartnerCenterIngestion --subscription {subscriptionId}
Select-AzSubscription -SubscriptionId {subscriptionId}
Register-AzResourceProvider -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.PartnerCenterIngestion


You don’t need to generate SAS URIs as you can now publish a Shared image gallery (SIG) Image on Partner Center, without using APIs.

If you are publishing using APIs, you would need to generate SAS URIs instead of using a SIG, see How to generate a SAS URI for a VM image.

Next steps