Become a Cloud Marketplace Publisher

This article covers registering as a cloud marketplace publisher. Depending on your selected publishing option, and your current membership on Microsoft Partner Network some of the following steps may not be required. Once registered you’ll be able to create marketplace offers for Azure Marketplace or AppSource.

Registration step Duration Details
1 Register in Microsoft Partner Network 15 min Register in Microsoft Partner Network
2 Create a Microsoft Account
    (required for Azure Marketplace transact offers; recommended for others)
15 min Create a Microsoft ID
3 Create a Partner Center account 15 min Create a Partner Center account
4 Sign into Cloud Partner Portal 1-3 days Sign into Cloud Partner Portal
5 Register in Microsoft Developer Center (Dev Center) (for Azure Marketplace transact offers) 5-10 days Register in Dev Center

1. Register in Microsoft Partner Network

| 15 min |
Participation in Microsoft’s cloud marketplace requires membership in the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN), which also provides key benefits, programs, and partner performance tracking. If your organization is not yet a member, join the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) to become an official Microsoft partner and receive additional benefits and support for publishing in marketplace.

  • To register in Microsoft Partner Network, visit the Membership page and follow the steps to start your enrollment.

After registering, record the Microsoft Partner Network ID for your organization. You will need this during step 3 when submitting your marketplace registration form.

  • Learn about the benefits of the Microsoft Partner Network
  • If your organization has an existing membership, then you will join your organization during registration. If you use Partner Center, you will be able to see the ID in your Partner Center account. If you use Partner Membership Center (PMC), you will be able to see it in your Partner Membership Center account.

Open a ticket with Microsoft partner support for issues with MPN registration.

2. Create a Microsoft Account

| 15 min |
A Microsoft account, e.g. or, is used to access many Microsoft devices and services. It is required for Azure Marketplace transact offers, and we recommend its use to all cloud publishers. For more information on the benefits and uses of a Microsoft account, visit this page. You will use a personal Microsoft account to access the Cloud Partner Portal, the publishing platform that you will use to create and manage your marketplace offers.

[! IMPORTANT] Please note that a Microsoft account associated with your work email will not allow you to access the portal.


If you already have a Microsoft account, review the Guidelines for creating a Microsoft ID to manage a marketplace account to determine if it can be used for marketplace publishing.

Users with an Azure Active Directory federated corporate account should read this article before attempting to create or use your existing Microsoft Account.

3. Create a Partner Center account

| 15 min |

After you submit your solution to the Marketplace, our onboarding team contacts you to support your publishing experience. See how to create a Partner Center account for more information.

4. Sign into Cloud Partner Portal

| 1-3 days |
Our Marketplace Onboarding Team will validate the marketplace registration details provided in step 3. Once approved, you will receive a welcome email with account credentials and guidance on signing-in to the Cloud Partner Portal.

You will use the Cloud Partner Portal to create, publish, and manage marketplace offers. Once you receive the approval welcome email, you can immediately log into the Cloud Partner Portal with your Microsoft account to access additional technical information about publishing to marketplace and creating your offer.

  • For more information about using Cloud Partner Portal, visit the Getting Started article in Learn section. You must be logged in to the Cloud Partner Portal to access these details.
  • If you have questions or would like to schedule an onboarding overview call, please review other articles in this Publisher Guide or open a support request under Problem Type > Marketplace Onboarding from within the Cloud Partner Portal.
  • If you didn’t receive the welcome email, please check your spam folder for an email with the subject line “Welcome to Microsoft Marketplace!.” If there is no email in your spam folder, please contact Microsoft support. On the support page, please select: Problem Type > Marketplace Onboarding. Our Marketplace Publisher Onboarding Team will be happy to assist with your inquiries.

5. Register in Dev Center (for Transact publishing option only)

| 5-10 days |
A Dev Center account is required for offers that use the transact publishing option: includes virtual machines, Azure apps, and SaaS apps configured to sell through Azure. The Dev Center account details are used by Microsoft to validate the legal, tax, and banking information for your organization that will be used for payout purposes when you sell and bill your software licensing fees through Azure Marketplace.

The Dev Center registration process can be started before creating your offer in Cloud Partner Portal, but must be completed before publishing your marketplace offer. Given the 5–10 day typical duration of this step, we recommend starting this process as soon as possible if you intend to use the transact publishing option.

The individual registering in Dev Center must be a valid representative of your organization and must provide personal information to validate their identity. Register with your Microsoft account, created in step 2, and use the same Microsoft account that you used to access the Cloud Partner Portal.

Once you have completed the Dev Center registration, link your Cloud Partner Profile with your Dev Center account (see detailed steps here). This step must be completed before publishing your transact offer.


To waive the $99 Developer Center registration fee, complete the marketplace registration form and you will receive an email containing your promotional code. See how to create a Partner Center account for more information.


Before you create a Microsoft Dev Center account, please verify that your organization does not already have a Dev Center account to avoid duplicate accounts. For more information, visit the Register in Dev Center section.

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