Azure Applications: Managed Application Offer Publishing Guide

A managed application is one of the main ways to publish a solution in the Marketplace. Use this guide to understand the requirements for this offer.

These are transaction offers which are deployed and billed through the Marketplace. The call to action that a user sees is "Get It Now."

Use the Azure app: managed app offer type when the following conditions are required:

  • You deploy either a subscription-based solution for your customer using either a VM or an entire IaaS-based solution.
  • You or your customer require that the solution is managed by a partner.


For example, a partner may be an SI or managed service provider (MSP).

Managed Application Offer

Requirements Details
Deployed to a customer's Azure subscription Managed Apps must be deployed in the customer’s subscription and can be managed by a third party.
Billing and metering The resources will be provisioned in the customer’s Azure subscription. Pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) virtual machines will be transacted with the customer via Microsoft, billed via the customer’s Azure subscription (PAYGO).
In the case of bring-your-own-license, while Microsoft will bill infrastructure costs incurred in the customer subscription, you will transact your software licensing fees to the customer directly.
Azure-compatible virtual hard disk (VHD) VMs must be built on Windows or Linux.


Managed apps must be deployable through the Marketplace. If customer communication is a concern, then you should reach out to interested customers after you have enabled lead sharing.


Cloud Solution Providers (CSP) partner channel opt-in is now available. Please see Cloud Solution Providers for more information on marketing your offer through the Microsoft CSP partner channels.

Next steps

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