Publishing guide for Azure applications solution template offers

This article explains the requirements for publishing solution template offers, which is one way to publish Azure application offers in Azure Marketplace. The solution template offer type requires an Azure Resource Manager template (ARM template) to automatically deploy your solution infrastructure.

Use the Azure application solution template offer type under the following conditions:

  • Your solution requires additional deployment and configuration automation beyond a single virtual machine (VM), such as a combination of VMs, networking, and storage resources.
  • Your customers are going to manage the solution themselves.

The listing option that a customer sees for this offer type is Get It Now.

Requirements for solution template offers

Requirements Details
Billing and metering Solution template offers are not transaction offers, but they can be used to deploy paid VM offers that are billed through the Microsoft commercial marketplace. The resources that the solution's ARM template deploys are set up in the customer's Azure subscription. Pay-as-you-go virtual machines are transacted with the customer via Microsoft and billed via the customer's Azure subscription.
For bring-your-own-license (BYOL) billing, although Microsoft bills infrastructure costs that are incurred in the customer subscription, you transact your software licensing fees with the customer directly.
Azure-compatible virtual hard disk (VHD) VMs must be built on Windows or Linux. For more information, see:
Customer usage attribution Enabling customer usage attribution is required on all solution templates that are published on Azure Marketplace. For more information about customer usage attribution and how to enable it, see Azure partner customer usage attribution.
Use managed disks Managed disks is the default option for persisted disks of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) VMs in Azure. You must use managed disks in solution templates.

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