Managed identities

A common challenge for developers is the management of secrets and credentials to secure communication between different services. On Azure, managed identities eliminate the need for developers having to manage credentials by providing an identity for the Azure resource in Azure AD and using it to obtain Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tokens.

Media Services Managed Identity scenarios

There are three scenarios where Managed Identities can be used with Media Services:

In the first two scenarios, the Managed Identity is used to grant the Media Services account access to other services. In the third scenario, the service has a Managed Identity which is used to access Media Services.

Managed Identities Scenario Comparison


These scenarios can be combined. You could create Managed Identities for both the Media Services account (for example, to access customer managed keys) and the Azure Functions resource to access to Media Services account.

Tutorials and How-tos

Try these tutorials to get some hands-on experience with using a Managed Identity with Media Services.

Further reading

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