Role-based access control (RBAC) for Media Services accounts

Currently, Azure Media Services does not define any custom roles specific to the service. To get full access to the Media Services account, customers can use the built-in roles of Owner or Contributor. The main difference between these roles is: the Owner can control who has access to a resource and the Contributor cannot. The built-in Reader role can also be used but the user or application will only have read access to the Media Services APIs.

Design principles

One of the key design principles of the v3 API is to make the API more secure. v3 APIs do not return secrets or credentials on Get or List operations. The keys are always null, empty, or sanitized from the response. The user needs to call a separate action method to get secrets or credentials. The Reader role cannot call operations like Asset.ListContainerSas, StreamingLocator.ListContentKeys, ContentKeyPolicies.GetPolicyPropertiesWithSecrets. Having separate actions enables you to set more granular RBAC security permissions in a custom role if desired.

To list the operations Media Services supports, do:

foreach (Microsoft.Azure.Management.Media.Models.Operation a in client.Operations.List())
    Console.WriteLine($"{a.Name} - {a.Display.Operation} - {a.Display.Description}");

The built-in role definitions article tells you exactly what the role grants.

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