Add assessment tools

This article describes how to add assessment tools in Azure Migrate.

Azure Migrate provides a hub of tools for assessment and migration to Azure. It includes Azure Migrate tools, as well as other tools and independent software vendor (ISV) offerings.

If you want to add an assessment tool and you don't yet have an Azure Migrate project, follow this article.

Select a tool

If you choose a non-Azure Migrate tool for assessment, start by obtaining a license, or signing up for a free trial, in accordance with the tool policy. Tools have an option to connect to Azure Migrate. Follow the instructions and documentation, to connect the tool to Azure Migrate. Learn more about tools.

Select an assessment scenario

  1. In the Azure Migrate project, click Overview.

  2. Select the assessment scenario you want to use:

    • To discover and assess machines and workloads for migration to Azure, select Assess and migrate servers.
    • To assess on-premises SQL machines, select Assess and migrate databases.
    • To assess on-premises web apps, select Assess and migrate web apps.

    Assessment scenario

Select a server assessment tool

  1. Click Assess and Migrate Servers.

  2. In Azure Migrate - Servers, if you haven't added an assessment tool, under Assessment tools, select Click here to add an assessment tool. If you've already added assessment tools, in Add more assessment tools, select Change.


    If you need to navigate to a different project, in Azure Migrate - Servers, next to See details for a different migrate project, click Click here.

  3. In Azure Migrate, select the assessment tool you want to use.

    • If you use Azure Migrate Server Assessment, you can set up, run, and view assessments directly in the Azure Migrate project.
    • If you use a different assessment tool, navigate to the link provided for their site, and run the assessment in accordance with the instructions they provide.

Select a database assessment tool

  1. Click Assess and migrate databases
  2. In Databases, click Add tools.
  3. In Add a tool > Select assessment tool, select the tool you want to use to assess your database.

Select a web app assessment tool

  1. Click Assess and migrate web apps.

  2. Follow the link to the Migration tool for the Azure App Service. Use the migration tool to:

    • Assess apps online: You can assess apps with a public URL online, using the Azure App Service Migration Assistant.
    • .NET/PHP: For internal .NET and PHP apps, you can download and run the Migration Assistant.

Next steps

Try out an assess using Azure Migrate Server Assessment for VMware VMs, Hyper-V, or physical servers