About Azure Migrate

This article provides a quick overview of the Azure Migrate service.

Azure Migrate provides a centralized hub to assess and migrate on-premises servers, infrastructure, applications, and data to Azure. Azure Migrate provides the following features:

  • Unified migration platform: A single portal to start, run, and track your migration journey to Azure.
  • Range of tools: A range of tools for assessment and migration. Tools include Azure Migrate: Server Assessment, and Azure Migrate: Server Migration. Azure Migrate integrates with other Azure services, and with other tools and independent software vendor (ISV) offerings.
  • Assessment and migration: In the Azure Migrate hub you can assess and migrate:
    • Servers: Assess and migrate on-premises servers to Azure VMs.
    • Databases: Assess and migrate on-premises databases to Azure SQL DB, or to Azure SQL Managed Instance.
    • Web applications: Assess and migrate on-premises web applications to Azure App Service, using the Azure App Service Assistant.
    • Virtual desktops: Assess and migrate your on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), to Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure.
    • Data: Migrate large amounts of data to Azure quickly and cost-effectively, using Azure Data Box products.

Integrated tools

The Azure Migrate hub includes these tools.

Tool Assess/Migrate Details
Azure Migrate:Server Assessment Assess servers. Discover and assess on-premises VMware VMs, Hyper-V VMs, and physical servers, in preparation for migration to Azure.
Azure Migrate:Server Migration Migrate servers. Migrate VMware VMs, Hyper-V VMs, physical servers, other virtualized machines, and public cloud VMs, to Azure.
Database Migration Assistant (DMA) Assess on-premises SQL Server databases for migration to Azure SQL DB, Azure SQL Managed Instance, or to Azure VMs running SQL Server. DMA helps pinpoint potential blocking issues for migration. It identifies unsupported features, new features that you can benefit from after migration, and helps you to identify the right path for database migration. Learn more.
Database Migration Service (DMS) Migrate on-premises databases to Azure VMs running SQL, Azure SQL DB, and Azure SQL Managed Instances. Learn more about DMS.
Movere Assess servers. Learn more about Movere.
Web App Migration Assistant Assess and migrate on-premises web apps to Azure. Use the Azure App Service Migration Assistant to assess on-premises websites for migration to the Azure App Service.

Use the Assistant to migrate .NET and PHP web apps to Azure. Learn more about the Azure App Service Migration Assistant.
Azure Data Box Offline data migration. Use Azure Data Box products to move large amounts of data offline to Azure. Learn more.

ISV integration

Azure Migrate integrates with a number of ISV offerings.

ISV Feature
Carbonite Migrate servers
Cloudamize Assess servers
Corent Technology Assess and migrate servers
Device 42 Assess servers
Lakeside Assess VDI
RackWare Migrate servers
Turbonomic Assess servers
UnifyCloud Assess servers and databases

Azure Migrate Server Assessment tool

The Azure Migrate:Server Assessment tool discovers and assesses on-premises VMware VMs, Hyper-V VMs, and physical servers for migration to Azure. Here's what the tool does:

  • Azure readiness: Assesses whether on-premises machines are ready for migration to Azure.
  • Azure sizing: Estimates the size of Azure VMs after migration.
  • Azure cost estimation: Estimated costs for running on-premises servers in Azure.
  • Dependency analysis: If you use Server Assessment with dependency analysis, you can effectively identify cross-server dependencies, and optimize strategies for moving inter-dependent servers to Azure.

Server Assessment uses a lightweight Azure Migrate appliance that you deploy on-premises.

  • The appliance runs on a VM or physical server. You can install it easily using a downloaded template.
  • The appliance discovers on-premises machines, and continually sends machine metadata and performance data to Azure Migrate.
  • Appliance discovery is agentless. Nothing is installed on discovered machines.
  • After the appliance discovery, you gather discovered machines into groups, and run assessments for a group.

Azure Migrate Server Migration tool

The Azure Migrate:Server Migration tool helps you to migrate on-premises VMware VMs, Hyper-V VMs, physical servers, other virtualized machines, and public cloud VMs, to Azure. You can migrate machines after assessing them, or migrate them without an assessment.

For agentless migration of VMware VMs, and migration of Hyper-V VMs, Server Migration uses an Azure Migrate appliance that you deploy on-premises. The appliance is also used if you set up server assessment, and it's described in the previous section.

Selecting assessment/migration tools

In the Azure Migrate hub, you select the tool you want to use for assessment or migration, and add it to an Azure Migrate project. If you add an ISV tool or Movere:

  • To get started you obtain a license, or sign up for a free trial, in accordance with the tool instructions. Tools licensing is determined by the ISV or tool.
  • In each tool, there's an option to connect to Azure Migrate. Follow the tool instructions to connect.
  • You track your migration journey from within the Azure Migrate project, across all tools.


Movere is a SaaS platform that increases business intelligence by accurately presenting entire IT environments within a single day. As organizations grow, change, and digitally optimize, the solution provides enterprises with the confidence they need to have visibility and control of their environments regardless of platform, application, or geography. Movere was acquired by Microsoft and is no longer sold as a standalone offer. Movere is available through the Microsoft Solution Assessment and Cloud Economics Programs. Learn more about Movere.

We encourage you to also look at Azure Migrate, our built-in migration service. Azure Migrate provides a central hub to simplify your migration to the cloud. The hub features comprehensive support for different workloads, including physical and virtual servers, databases, and applications. End-to-end visibility makes it easy to track progress throughout discovery, assessment, and migration. With both Azure and partner ISV tools built in, Azure Migrate also has an extensive range of features, including virtual and physical server discovery, performance-based right sizing, cost planning, import-based assessments, and agentless application dependency analysis. If you're looking for expert help to get started, Microsoft has skilled Azure Expert Managed Service Provider to guide you along the journey. Check out the Azure Migrate website.

Azure Migrate versions

There are two versions of the Azure Migrate service:

  • Current version: Use this version to create Azure Migrate projects, discover on-premises machines, and orchestrate assessments and migrations. Learn more about what's new in this version.
  • Previous version: If you used the previous version of Azure Migrate (only assessment of on-premises VMware VMs was supported), you should now use the current version. You can no longer create Azure Migrate projects using the previous version, and we recommend that you don't perform new discoveries. To access existing projects, in the Azure portal, search for and select Azure Migrate. On the Azure Migrate dashboard, there's a notification and a link to access old Azure Migrate projects.

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