Near Real-Time Metric Alerts (Preview)

Azure Monitor now supports a new type of metric alerts called Near Real-Time Metric Alerts (Preview). This feature is currently in public preview. These alerts differ from regular metric alerts in few ways

  • Improved Latency - Near real-time metric alerts can monitor changes in metric values as soon as 1 min.
  • More control over metric conditions - Near real-time metric alerts allow users to define richer alert rules. The alerts now support monitoring the maximum, minimum, average, and total values of the metrics.
  • Combined monitoring of multiple metrics - Near real-time metric alerts can monitor multiple metrics(currently two) with a single rule. Alert gets triggered if both the metrics breach their respective thresholds for the specified time period.
  • Modular notification system - Near real-time metric alerts use action groups. This functionality allows users to create actions in a modular fashion and reuse them for many alert rules.


Near real-time metric alerts feature is currently in public preview. The functionality and user experience is subject to change.

What resources can I create near real-time metric alerts for?

Full list of resource types that are supported by near real-time metric alerts:

  • Microsoft.ApiManagement/service
  • Microsoft.Batch/batchAccounts
  • Microsoft.Cache/Redis
  • Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines
  • Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachineScaleSets
  • Microsoft.DataFactory/factories
  • Microsoft.DBforMySQL/servers
  • Microsoft.DBforPostgreSQL/servers
  • Microsoft.EventHub/namespaces
  • Microsoft.Logic/workflows
  • Microsoft.Network/applicationGateways
  • Microsoft.Network/publicipaddresses
  • Microsoft.Search/searchServices
  • Microsoft.ServiceBus/namespaces
  • Microsoft.Sql/servers/elasticpools
  • Microsoft.StreamAnalytics/streamingjobs
  • Microsoft.Timeseriesinsights
  • Microsoft.CognitiveServices/accounts

Create a Near Real-Time Metric Alert

Currently, near real-time metric alerts can only be created through the Azure portal. Support for configuring near real-time metric alerts through PowerShell, command-line interface (CLI), and Azure Monitor REST API is coming soon.

  1. In the portal, locate the resource you are interested in monitoring and select it. This resource should be of one of the resource types listed in the previous section. You can also do the same for all supported resources types centrally from Monitor>Alerts.

  2. Select Alerts or Alert rules under the MONITORING section. The text and icon may vary slightly for different resources. Monitoring

  3. Click the Add near real time metrics alert (preview) command. If the command is grayed out, ensure the resource is selected in the filter.

    Add Near Real-Time Metrics Alert Button

  4. Name your alert rule, and choose a Description, which also shows in notification emails.

  5. Select the Metric you want to monitor, then choose a Condition, Time Aggregation, and Threshold value for the metric. Optionally select another Metric you want to monitor, then choose a Condition, Time Aggregation, and Threshold value for the second metric.

    Add Near Real-Time Metrics Alert1 Add Near Real-Time Metrics Alert2

  6. Choose the Period of time that the metric rules must be satisfied before the alert triggers. So for example, if you use the period "Over the last 5 minutes" and your alert looks for CPU above 80% (and NetworkIn above 500 MB), the alert triggers when the CPU has been consistently above 80% for 5 minutes. Once the first trigger occurs, it again triggers when the CPU stays below 80% for 5 minutes. The alert is evaluated according to the Evaluation Frequency

  7. Pick an appropriate Severity from the drop down.

  8. Specify if you want to use a New or Existing Action Group.

  9. If you choose to create New Action Group, give the action group a name and a short name, specify actions(SMS, Email, Webhook) and fill respective details.

  10. Select OK when done to create the alert.

Within a few minutes, the alert is active and triggers as previously described.

Managing near real-time metric alerts

Once you have created an alert, you can select it and:

  • View a graph showing the metric threshold and the actual values from the previous day.
  • Edit or delete it.
  • Disable or Enable it if you want to temporarily stop or resume receiving notifications for that alert.