Limitations in Azure Database for MySQL

The following sections describe capacity, storage engine support, privilege support, data manipulation statement support, and functional limits in the database service. Also see general limitations applicable to the MySQL database engine.

Maximum connections

The maximum number of connections per pricing tier and vCores are as follows:

Pricing Tier vCore(s) Max Connections
Basic 1 50
Basic 2 100
General Purpose 2 300
General Purpose 4 625
General Purpose 8 1250
General Purpose 16 2500
General Purpose 32 5000
General Purpose 64 10000
Memory Optimized 2 600
Memory Optimized 4 1250
Memory Optimized 8 2500
Memory Optimized 16 5000
Memory Optimized 32 10000

When connections exceed the limit, you may receive the following error:

ERROR 1040 (08004): Too many connections

Storage engine support



Privilege support


  • DBA role: Many server parameters and settings can inadvertently degrade server performance or negate ACID properties of the DBMS. As such, to maintain the service integrity and SLA at a product level, this service does not expose the DBA role. The default user account, which is constructed when a new database instance is created, allows that user to perform most of DDL and DML statements in the managed database instance.
  • SUPER privilege: Similarly SUPER privilege is also restricted.
  • DEFINER: Requires super privileges to create and is restricted. If importing data using a backup, remove the CREATE DEFINER commands manually or by using the --skip-definer command when performing a mysqldump.

Data manipulation statement support


  • LOAD DATA INFILE is supported, but the [LOCAL] parameter must be specified and directed to a UNC path (Azure storage mounted through SMB).



Functional limitations

Scale operations

  • Dynamic scaling to and from the Basic pricing tiers is currently not supported.
  • Decreasing server storage size is not supported.

Server version upgrades

  • Automated migration between major database engine versions is currently not supported. If you would like to upgrade to the next major version, take a dump and restore it to a server that was created with the new engine version.


  • When using the PITR feature, the new server is created with the same configurations as the server it is based on.
  • Restoring a deleted server is not supported.

VNet service endpoints

  • Support for VNet service endpoints is only for General Purpose and Memory Optimized servers.

Storage size

  • Please refer to pricing tiers for the storage size limits per pricing tier.

Current known issues

  • MySQL server instance displays the wrong server version after connection is established. To get the correct server instance engine version, use the select version(); command.

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