Use Azure Machine Learning in a notebook

Azure Notebooks comes pre-configured with the necessary environment to work with Azure Machine Learning. You can easily clone a sample project into your Notebooks account to explore a variety of Machine Learning scenarios.

Clone the sample into your account

  1. Sign into Azure Notebooks.

  2. Select My Projects to go to the projects dashboard.

  3. Select the Upload GitHub Repo (the up arrow) button to open the Upload GitHub Repository popup.

  4. In the popup, enter Azure/MachineLearningNotebooks in GitHub repository, provide a name for the project in Project Name like "Azure Machine Learning", provide an identifier in Project ID, clear Public if you want, then select Import.

    Import Azure Machine Learning Notebook sample into your Notebooks account

  5. After a minute or two, Azure Notebooks automatically takes you to the new project's dashboard.

Run a sample notebook

  1. Select 00 - configuration.ipynb to start the configuration section of the notebook, and follow its instructions to create an Azure Machine Learning Workspace.

    • Because Azure Notebooks already contains the necessary Python packages, you can just run the code snippet in step 2 of the Prerequisites to verify the Azure ML SDK version.
  2. Once configuration is complete, select 01.getting-started to open the folder containing thirteen different sample notebooks, each of which is self-explanatory.

Next steps

The Azure Machine Learning documentation contains a variety of other resources that guide you through working with Machine Learning within notebooks:

Also see the documentation for the Azure Machine Learning SDK for Python.