Tutorial: Scale an Azure Red Hat OpenShift cluster

This tutorial is part two of a series. You'll learn how to create a Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift cluster using the Azure CLI, scale it, then delete it to clean up resources.

In part two of the series, you learn how to:

  • Scale a Red Hat OpenShift cluster

In this tutorial series you learn how to:


Before you begin this tutorial:

Step 1: Sign in to Azure

If you're running the Azure CLI locally, run az login to sign in to Azure.

az login

If you have access to multiple subscriptions, run az account set -s {subscription ID} replacing {subscription ID} with the subscription you want to use.

Step 2: Scale the cluster with additional nodes

From a Bash terminal, set the variable CLUSTER_NAME to the name of your cluster:


Now let's scale the cluster to five nodes using the Azure CLI:

az openshift scale --resource-group $CLUSTER_NAME --name $CLUSTER_NAME --compute-count 5

After a few minutes, az openshift scale will complete successfully and return a JSON document containing the scaled cluster details.

Next steps

In this part of the tutorial, you learned how to:

  • Scale an Azure Red Hat OpenShift cluster

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