Peering Service partners

Microsoft has partnered with internet service providers (ISPs), internet exchange providers (IXPs), and software-defined cloud interconnect (SDCI) providers worldwide to provide reliable and high-performing public connectivity with optimal routing from the customer to the Microsoft network.

This article provides information on the connectivity providers that are partnered with Microsoft to offer Azure Peering Service connection to customers.

Peering Service partners list

The table in this article provides information on the Peering Service connectivity partners and their associated markets.

Partners Market
CenturyLink United States
BBIX Japan
CCL Oceania
Colt Europe, Asia
DE-CIX Europe, North America
IIJ Japan
Intercloud Europe
Kordia Oceania
Liquid Telecom Africa
NTT Communications Japan
Singtel Asia
NAP Africa Africa


For more information about enlisting with the Peering Service Partner program, reach out to

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