A number of features have size, count, or other limitations.

Azure Frontend

  • Total AzureFrontend instances per process: 16.
  • Total AzureSession instances per AzureFrontend: 16.


  • Total allowable objects of a single type (Entity, CutPlaneComponent, etc.): 16,777,215.
  • Total allowable active cut planes: 8.


  • Total allowable materials in an asset: 65,535.
  • Maximum dimension of a single texture: 16,384 x 16,384. Larger source textures will be scaled down by the conversion process.

Overall number of polygons

The allowable number of polygons for all loaded models depends on the size of the VM as passed to the session management REST API:

VM size Maximum number of polygons
standard 20 million
premium no limit

See VM size chapter for more detailed information on this limitation.

Platform limitations

Windows 10 desktop

  • UWP/x86 is the only supported UWP platform. UWP/x64 is not supported.
  • Win32/x64 is the only supported Win32 platform. Win32/x86 is not supported.

Hololens 2