List deny assignments for Azure resources using the Azure portal

Deny assignments block users from performing specific Azure resource actions even if a role assignment grants them access. This article describes how to list deny assignments using the Azure portal.


You can't directly create your own deny assignments. For information about how deny assignments are created, see Deny assignments.


To get information about a deny assignment, you must have:

List deny assignments

Follow these steps to list deny assignments at the subscription or management group scope.

  1. In the Azure portal, click All services and then Management groups or Subscriptions.

  2. Click the management group or subscription you want to list.

  3. Click Access control (IAM).

  4. Click the Deny assignments tab (or click the View button on the View deny assignments tile).

    If there are any deny assignments at this scope or inherited to this scope, they will be listed.

    Access control - Deny assignments tab

  5. To display additional columns, click Edit Columns.

    Deny assignments - Columns

    Name Name of the deny assignment.
    Principal type User, group, system-defined group, or service principal.
    Denied Name of the security principal that is included in the deny assignment.
    Id Unique identifier for the deny assignment.
    Excluded principals Whether there are security principals that are excluded from the deny assignment.
    Does not apply to children Whether the deny assignment is inherited to subscopes.
    System protected Whether the deny assignment is managed by Azure. Currently, always Yes.
    Scope Management group, subscription, resource group, or resource.
  6. Add a checkmark to any of the enabled items and then click OK to display the selected columns.

List details about a deny assignment

Follow these steps to list additional details about a deny assignment.

  1. Open the Deny assignments pane as described in the previous section.

  2. Click the deny assignment name to open the Users blade.

    Deny assignment - Users

    The Users blade includes the following two sections.

    Deny assignment applies to Security principals that the deny assignment applies to.
    Deny assignment excludes Security principals that are excluded from the deny assignment.

    System-Defined Principal represents all users, groups, service principals, and managed identities in an Azure AD directory.

  3. To see a list of the permissions that are denied, click Denied Permissions.

    Deny assignment - Denied Permissions

    Action type Description
    Actions Denied management operations.
    NotActions Management operations excluded from denied management operation.
    DataActions Denied data operations.
    NotDataActions Data operations excluded from denied data operation.

    For the example shown in the previous screenshot, the following are the effective permissions:

    • All storage operations on the data plane are denied except for compute operations.
  4. To see the properties for a deny assignment, click Properties.

    Deny assignment - Properties

    On the Properties blade, you can see the deny assignment name, ID, description, and scope. The Does not apply to children switch indicates whether the deny assignment is inherited to subscopes. The System protected switch indicates whether this deny assignment is managed by Azure. Currently, this is Yes in all cases.

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