How to map enriched fields to a searchable index

In this article, you learn how to map enriched input fields to output fields in a searchable index. Once you have defined a skillset, you must map the output fields of any skill that directly contributes values to a given field in your search index. Field mappings are required for moving content from enriched documents into the index.

Use outputFieldMappings

To map fields, add outputFieldMappings to your indexer definition as shown below:

PUT https://[servicename][indexer name]?api-version=2019-05-06
api-key: [admin key]
Content-Type: application/json

The body of the request is structured as follows:

    "name": "myIndexer",
    "dataSourceName": "myDataSource",
    "targetIndexName": "myIndex",
    "skillsetName": "myFirstSkillSet",
    "fieldMappings": [
            "sourceFieldName": "metadata_storage_path",
            "targetFieldName": "id",
            "mappingFunction": {
                "name": "base64Encode"
    "outputFieldMappings": [
            "sourceFieldName": "/document/content/organizations/*/description",
            "targetFieldName": "descriptions"
            "sourceFieldName": "/document/content/organizations",
            "targetFieldName": "orgNames"
            "sourceFieldName": "/document/content/sentiment",
            "targetFieldName": "sentiment"

For each output field mapping, set the name of the enriched field (sourceFieldName), and the name of the field as referenced in the index (targetFieldName).

The path in a sourceFieldName can represent one element or multiple elements. In the example above, /document/content/sentiment represents a single numeric value, while /document/content/organizations/*/description represents several organization descriptions. In cases where there are several elements, they are "flattened" into an array that contains each of the elements. More concretely, for the /document/content/organizations/*/description example, the data in the descriptions field would look like a flat array of descriptions before it gets indexed:

 ["Microsoft is a company in Seattle","LinkedIn's office is in San Francisco"]

Next steps

Once you have mapped your enriched fields to searchable fields, you can set the field attributes for each of the searchable fields as part of the index definition.

For more information about field mapping, see Field mappings in Azure Search indexers.