Security Alerts in Azure Security Center

This article presents the different types of security alerts available in Azure Security Center (ASC). There are a variety of alerts for the many different resource types. ASC generates alerts for both resources deployed on Azure, and resources deployed on on-premises and hybrid cloud environments.

What are security alerts?

Alerts are the notifications that Security Center generates when it detects threats on your resources. It prioritizes and lists the alerts along with the information needed for you to quickly investigate the problem. Security Center also provides recommendations for how you can remediate an attack.

How does Security Center detect threats?

To detect real threats and reduce false positives, Security Center collects, analyzes, and integrates log data from your Azure resources, the network, and connected partner solutions, like firewall and endpoint protection solutions. Security Center analyzes this information, often correlating information from multiple sources, to identify threats.

ASC monitors the resources whether deployed on Azure or deployed on other on-premises and hybrid cloud environments. To learn more on detecting and responding to threats, see How Security Center detects and responds to threats.

Security alert types

The following topics guide you through the different ASC alerts according to resource types:

The following topics explain how Security Center leverages the different telemetry that it collects from integrating with the Azure infrastructure in order to apply additional protection layers for resources deployed on Azure:

What are alert incidents?

A security incident is a collection of related alerts, instead of listing each alert individually. Security Center uses fusion to correlate different alerts and low fidelity signals into security incidents.

Using incidents, Security Center provides you with a single view of an attack campaign and all of the related alerts. This view enables you to quickly understand what actions the attacker took and what resources were impacted. For more information, see Cloud Smart Alert Correlation.

Get started with alerts

See the following topics, to understand more about the resources monitored by ASC, and for guidelines on how to respond to the alerts presented by ASC.

Upgrade to Standard for advanced detections

To set up advanced detections, upgrade to Azure Security Center Standard.

  1. From the Security Center menu, select Security Policy.
  2. For the subscriptions you would like to move to Standard tier, click Edit settings.
  3. From the Settings page, select Pricing Tier. A free trial is available for a month. To learn more see the pricing page.

Next steps

In this article, you learned what are security alerts and the different types of alerts available in Security Center. For more information, see the following topics: