Supported platforms

This page shows the platforms and environments supported by Azure Security Center.

Combinations of environments

Azure Security Center supports virtual machines and servers on different types of hybrid environments:

  • Only Azure
  • Azure and on-premises
  • Azure and other clouds
  • Azure, other clouds, and on-premises

For an Azure environment activated on an Azure subscription, Azure Security Center will automatically discover IaaS resources that are deployed within the subscription.

Supported operating systems

Security Center depends on the Log Analytics Agent. Ensure your machines are running one of the supported operating systems for this agent as described on the following pages:

Also ensure your Log Analytics agent is properly configured to send data to Security Center

To learn more about the specific Security Center features available on Windows and Linux, see Feature coverage for machines.


Even though Azure Defender is designed to protect servers, most of the capabilities of Azure Defender for servers are supported for Windows 10 machines. One feature that isn't currently supported is Security Center's integrated EDR solution: Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

Managed virtual machine services

Virtual machines are also created in a customer subscription as part of some Azure-managed services as well, such as Azure Kubernetes (AKS), Azure Databricks, and more. Security Center discovers these virtual machines too, and the Log Analytics agent can be installed and configured if a supported OS is available.

Cloud Services

Virtual machines that run in a cloud service are also supported. Only cloud services web and worker roles that run in production slots are monitored. To learn more about cloud services, see Overview of Azure Cloud Services.

Protection for VMs residing in Azure Stack is also supported. For more information about Security Center's integration with Azure Stack, see Onboard your Azure Stack virtual machines to Security Center.

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