Monitor containers with OMS Log Analytics

This article covers the steps required to set up container monitoring for your cluster. For more information on this, see Monitoring Containers in Service Fabric. To see a step-by-step tutorial on this, you can also follow Monitor Windows containers on Service Fabric using OMS.

Set up the container monitoring solution


You need to OMS Log Analytics set up for your cluster as well as have the OMS Agent deployed on your nodes. If you don't, follow the steps in Set-up OMS Log Analytics and Add the OMS Agent to a cluster first.

  1. Once your cluster is set up with OMS Log Analytics and the OMS Agent, deploy your containers. Wait for your containers to be deployed before moving to the next step.

  2. In Azure Marketplace, search for Container Monitoring Solution and click on the Container Monitoring Solution resource that shows up under the Monitoring + Management category.

    Adding Containers solution

  3. Create the solution inside the same workspace that has already been created for the cluster. This change automatically triggers the agent to start gathering docker data on the containers. In about 15 minutes or so, you should see the solution light up with incoming logs and stats.

Next steps