Azure Service Health Documentation

Azure offers a suite of experiences to keep you informed about the health of your cloud resources including current and upcoming issues such as service impacting events, planned maintenance, and other changes that may affect your availability.

You may be familiar with the Azure Status page, a global view of the health of all Azure services across all Azure regions. The status page is a good reference for incidents with widespread impact, but we strongly recommend that current Azure users leverage Azure Service Health to stay informed about Azure incidents and maintenance.

Azure Service Health provides a personalized view of the health of the Azure services and regions you're using. This is the best place to look for service impacting communications about outages, planned maintenance activities, and other health advisories because the authenticated Azure Service Health experience knows which services and resources you currently use. The best way to use Service Health is to set up Service Health alerts to notify you via your preferred communication channels when service issues, planned maintenance, or other changes may affect the Azure services and regions you use.

Azure Resource Health provides information about the health of your individual cloud resources such as a specific virtual machine instance. Using Azure Monitor, you can also configure alerts to notify you of availability changes to your cloud resources. Azure Resource Health along with Azure Monitor notifications will help you stay better informed about the availability of your resources minute by minute and quickly assess whether an issue is due to a problem on your side or related to an Azure platform event.

Together, these experiences provide you with a comprehensive view into the health of Azure, at the granularity that is most relevant to you.