How to create a support ticket for SQL Data Warehouse

If you are having any issues with your SQL Data Warehouse, create a support ticket so the engineering support team can assist you.

Create a support ticket

  1. Open the Azure portal.

  2. On the Home screen, click the Help + support tab.

    Help + support

  3. On the Help + Support blade, click New support request and fill out the Basics blade.

    Select your Azure support plan.

    • Billing, quota, and subscription management support are available at all support levels.

    • Break-fix support is provided through Developer, Standard, Professional Direct, or Premier support. Break-fix issues are problems experienced by customers while using Azure where there is a reasonable expectation that Microsoft caused the problem.

    • Developer mentoring and advisory services are available at the Professional Direct and Premier support levels.

      If you have a Premier support plan, you can also report SQL Data Warehouse related issues on the Microsoft Premier online portal. See Azure support plans to learn more about the various support plans, including scope, response times, pricing, etc. For frequently asked questions about Azure support, see Azure support FAQs.

      Basics blade Basics blade1

  4. Fill out the Problem blade. Problem_blade


    By default, each SQL server (for example, has a DTU Quota of 45,000. This quota is simply a safety limit. You can increase your quota by creating a support ticket and selecting Quota as the request type. To calculate your DTU needs, multiply 7.5 by the total DWU needed. For example, you would like to host two DW6000s on one SQL server, then you should request a DTU quota of 90,000. You can view your current DTU consumption from the SQL server blade in the portal. Both paused and unpaused databases count toward the DTU quota.

  5. Fill out your contact information. Contact_information

  6. Click Create to submit the support request.

Monitor a support ticket

After you have submitted the support request, the Azure support team will contact you. To check your request status and details, click All support requests on the dashboard.

Check status

Other resources

Additionally, you can connect with the SQL Data Warehouse community on Stack Overflow or on the Azure SQL Data Warehouse MSDN forum.