Introduction to a SQL Database multi-tenant SaaS app example

The Wingtip SaaS application is a sample multi-tenant app, that demonstrates the unique advantages of SQL Database. The app uses a database-per-tenant, SaaS application pattern, to service multiple tenants. The app is designed to showcase features of Azure SQL Database that enable SaaS scenarios, including several SaaS design and management patterns. To quickly get up and running, the Wingtip SaaS app deploys in less than five minutes!

Application source code and management scripts are available in the WingtipTicketsSaaS-DbPerTenant GitHub repo. Check out the general guidance for steps to download and unblock the Wingtip Tickets SaaS scripts.

Application architecture

The Wingtip SaaS app uses the database-per-tenant model, and uses SQL elastic pools to maximize efficiency. For provisioning and mapping tenants to their data, a catalog database is used. The core Wingtip SaaS application, uses a pool with three sample tenants, plus the catalog database. Completing many of the Wingtip SaaS tutorials result in add-ons to the initial deployment, by introducing analytic databases, cross-database schema management, etc.

Wingtip SaaS architecture

While going through the tutorials and working with the app, it is important to focus on the SaaS patterns as they relate to the data tier. In other words, focus on the data tier, and don't over analyze the app itself. Understanding the implementation of these SaaS patterns is key to implementing these patterns in your applications, while considering any necessary modifications for your specific business requirements.

SQL Database Wingtip SaaS tutorials

After deploying the app, explore the following tutorials that build upon the initial deployment. These tutorials explore common SaaS patterns that take advantage of built-in features of SQL Database, SQL Data Warehouse, and other Azure services. Tutorials include PowerShell scripts, with detailed explanations that greatly simplify understanding, and implementing the same SaaS management patterns in your applications.

Tutorial Description
Guidance and tips for Azure SQL Database multi-tenant SaaS app example START HERE! Download and run PowerShell scripts to prepare parts of the application.
Deploy and explore the Wingtip SaaS application Deploy and explore the Wingtip SaaS application to your Azure subscription.
Provision and catalog tenants Learn how the application connects to tenants using a catalog database, and how the catalog maps tenants to their data.
Monitor and manage performance Learn how to use monitoring features of SQL Database, and how to set alerts when performance thresholds are exceeded.
Monitor with Log Analytics (OMS) Learn about using Log Analytics to monitor large amounts of resources, across multiple pools.
Restore a single tenant Learn how to restore a tenant database to a prior point in time. Steps to restore to a parallel database, leaving the existing tenant database online, are also included.
Manage tenant schema Learn how to update schema, and update reference data, across all Wingtip SaaS tenants.
Run ad-hoc analytics Create an ad-hoc analytics database and run real-time distributed queries across all tenants.
Run tenant analytics Extract tenant data into an analytics database or data warehouse for running offline analytic queries.

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