Set up a custom domain in Azure Static Web Apps

By default, Azure Static Web Apps provides an auto-generated domain name for your website, but you can point a custom domain to your site. Free SSL/TLS certificates are automatically created for the auto-generated domain name and any custom domains you may add.


Before you begin, consider how you want to support your apex domain. Domain names without a subdomain are known as apex, root domains. For example, the domain is the www subdomain joined with the apex domain.

Setting up an apex domain is a common scenario to configure once your domain name is set up. Creating an apex domain is achieved by configuring an ALIAS or ANAME record or through CNAME flattening. Some domain registrars like GoDaddy and Google don't support these DNS records. If your domain registrar doesn't support the all the DNS records you need, consider using Azure DNS to configure your domain.


If your domain registrar doesn't support specialized DNS records and you don't want to use Azure DNS, you can forward your apex domain to the www subdomain. Refer to Set up an apex domain in Azure Static Web Apps for details.

This guide demonstrates how to configure your domain name with the www subdomain.

Walkthrough video

Get static web app URL

  1. Navigate to the Azure portal.

  2. Navigate to your static web app.

  3. From the Overview window, copy the generated URL of your site and set it aside in a text editor for future use.

Create a CNAME record on your domain registrar account

Domain registrars are the services that allow you to purchase and manage domain names. Common providers include GoDaddy, Namecheap, Google, Tucows, and the like.

  1. Open a new browser tab and sign in to your domain registrar account.

  2. Navigate to your domain name's DNS configuration settings.

  3. Add a new CNAME record with the following values.

    Setting Value
    Type CNAME
    Host Your subdomain, such as www
    Value Paste the domain name you set aside in the text editor.
    TTL (if applicable) Leave as default value.

Create a CNAME record in Azure Static Web Apps

  1. Return to your static web app in the Azure portal.

  2. Under Settings, select Custom domains.

  3. Select the + Add button.

  4. In the Enter domain tab, enter your domain name prefixed with www.

    For instance, if your domain name is, enter into this box.

  5. Select the Next button.

  6. In the Validate + Configure tab, enter the following values.

    Setting Value
    Domain name This value should match the domain name you entered in the previous step (with the www subdomain).
    Hostname record type Select CNAME.
  7. Select the Add button.

    Your CNAME record is being created and the DNS settings are being updated. Since DNS settings need to propagate, this process can take up to an hour or longer to complete.

  8. Once the domain settings are in effect, open a new browser tab and navigate to your domain with the www subdomain.

    After the DNS records are updated, you should see your static web app in the browser. Also, inspect the location to verify that your site is served securely using https.

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