Azure Stream Analytics preview features

This article summarizes all the features currently in preview for Azure Stream Analytics. Using preview features in a production environment isn't recommended.

Authenticate to SQL Database output with managed identities (preview)

Azure Stream Analytics supports Managed Identity authentication for Azure SQL Database output sinks. Managed identities eliminate the limitations of user-based authentication methods, like the need to reauthenticate due to password changes.

Real-time high performance scoring with custom ML models managed by Azure Machine Learning

Azure Stream Analytics supports high-performance, real-time scoring by leveraging custom pre-trained Machine Learning models managed by Azure Machine Learning, and hosted in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) or Azure Container Instances (ACI), using a workflow that does not require you to write code. Sign up for preview

C# custom de-serializers

Developers can leverage the power of Azure Stream Analytics to process data in Protobuf, XML, or any custom format. You can implement custom de-serializers in C#, which can then be used to de-serialize events received by Azure Stream Analytics.

Extensibility with C# custom code

Developers creating Stream Analytics modules in the cloud or on IoT Edge can write or reuse custom C# functions and invoke them directly in the query through user-defined functions.

Debug query steps in Visual Studio

You can easily preview the intermediate row set on a data diagram when doing local testing in Azure Stream Analytics tools for Visual Studio.

Live data testing in Visual Studio

Visual Studio tools for Azure Stream Analytics enhance the local testing feature that allows you to test you queries against live event streams from cloud sources such as Event Hub or IoT hub. Learn how to Test live data locally using Azure Stream Analytics tools for Visual Studio.

Visual Studio Code for Azure Stream Analytics

Azure Stream Analytics jobs can be authored in Visual Studio Code. See our VS Code getting started tutorial.

Local testing with live data in Visual Studio Code

You can test your queries against live data on your local machine before submitting the job to Azure. Each testing iteration takes less than two to three seconds on average, resulting in a very efficient development process.