Monitor your Synapse Workspace

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to monitor activities in your Synapse workspace. You can monitor current and historical activities for SQL, Apache Spark, and Pipelines.

Introduction to the Monitor Hub

Open Synapse Studio and navigate to the Monitor hub. Here, you can see a history of all the activities taking place in the workspace and which ones are active now.

  • Under Integration, you can monitor pipelines, triggers, and integration runtimes.
  • Under Activities, you can monitor Spark and SQL activities.


  1. Navigate to Integration > Pipeline runs. In this view, you can see every time a pipeline has run in your workspace.
  2. Find the pipeline that you ran in the previous step and click on its Pipeline name to view the details.
  3. Click Breadcrumb bar near the top of Synapse Studio, click All pipeline runs to return to the previous view.

Apache Spark Activities

  1. Navigate to Activities > Apache Spark applications. Now you can see all the Spark applications that are running or have run in your workspace.
  2. Find an application that is no longer running and click on its Application name. Now you can see the details of the spark application.
  3. If you are familiar with Apache Spark, you can find the standard Apache Spark history server UI by clicking on Spark history server.

SQL Activities

  1. Navigate to Activities > SQL requests.

  2. In this view you can see SQL requests.

  3. Select a Pool to monitor from the Pool filter. Now you can see all SQL requests that are running or have run in your workspace in that pool.

  4. Find a specific SQL request and click on the More link to see the full text of the SQL request.


    SQL requests submitted via the Synapse Studio in a workspace enabled dedicated SQL pool (formerly SQL DW) can be viewed in the Monitor hub. For all other monitoring activities, you can go to Azure portal dedicated SQL pool (formerly SQL DW) monitoring.

Next steps