Create a Shared Image Gallery with the Azure CLI

A Shared Image Gallery simplifies custom image sharing across your organization. Custom images are like marketplace images, but you create them yourself. Custom images can be used to bootstrap configurations such as preloading applications, application configurations, and other OS configurations.

The Shared Image Gallery lets you share your custom VM images with others. Choose which images you want to share, which regions you want to make them available in, and who you want to share them with.

An image gallery is the primary resource used for enabling image sharing.

Allowed characters for Gallery name are uppercase or lowercase letters, digits, dots, and periods. The gallery name cannot contain dashes. Gallery names must be unique within your subscription.

Create an image gallery using az sig create. The following example creates a resource group named gallery named myGalleryRG in East US, and a gallery named myGallery.

az group create --name myGalleryRG --location eastus
az sig create --resource-group myGalleryRG --gallery-name myGallery

You can share images across subscriptions using Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). You can share images at the gallery, image definition or image version level. Any user that has read permissions to an image version, even across subscriptions, will be able to deploy a VM using the image version.

We recommend that you share with other users at the gallery level. To get the object ID of your gallery, use az sig show.

az sig show \
   --resource-group myGalleryRG \
   --gallery-name myGallery \
   --query id

Use the object ID as a scope, along with an email address and az role assignment create to give a user access to the shared image gallery. Replace <email-address> and <gallery iD> with your own information.

az role assignment create \
   --role "Reader" \
   --assignee <email address> \
   --scope <gallery ID>

For more information about how to share resources using RBAC, see Manage access using RBAC and Azure CLI.

Next steps

Create an image version from a VM, or a managed image using the Azure CLI.

For more information about Shared Image Galleries, see the Overview. If you run into issues, see Troubleshooting shared image galleries.