Azure compute unit (ACU)

We have created the concept of the Azure Compute Unit (ACU) to provide a way of comparing compute (CPU) performance across Azure SKUs. This will help you easily identify which SKU is most likely to satisfy your performance needs. ACU is currently standardized on a Small (Standard_A1) VM being 100 and all other SKUs then represent approximately how much faster that SKU can run a standard benchmark.


The ACU is only a guideline. The results for your workload may vary.

SKU Family ACU \ vCPU
A0 50
A1-A4 100
A5-A7 100
A1_v2-A8_v2 100
A2m_v2-A8m_v2 100
A8-A11 225*
D1-D14 160
D1_v2-D15_v2 210 - 250*
DS1-DS14 160
DS1_v2-DS15_v2 210-250*
D_v3 160-190* **
Ds_v3 160-190* **
E_v3 160-190* **
Es_v3 160-190* **
F2s_v2-F72s_v2 195-210*
F1-F16 210-250*
F1s-F16s 210-250*
G1-G5 180 - 240*
GS1-GS5 180 - 240*
H 290 - 300*
L4s-L32s 180 - 240*
M 160-180**

ACUs marked with a * use IntelĀ® Turbo technology to increase CPU frequency and provide a performance boost. The amount of the boost can vary based on the VM size, workload, and other workloads running on the same host.


Here are links to more information about the different sizes: