Virtual machine size flexibility with Reserved VM Instances

With a reserved virtual machine instance that's optimized for instance size flexibility, the reservation you buy can apply to the virtual machines (VMs) sizes in the same instance size flexibility group. For example, if you buy a reservation for a VM size that's listed in the DSv2 Series, like Standard_DS5_v2, the reservation discount can apply to the other four sizes that are listed in that same instance size flexibility group:

  • Standard_DS1_v2
  • Standard_DS2_v2
  • Standard_DS3_v2
  • Standard_DS4_v2

But that reservation discount doesn't apply to VMs sizes that are listed in different instance size flexibility groups, like SKUs in DSv2 Series High Memory: Standard_DS11_v2, Standard_DS12_v2, and so on.

Within the instance size flexibility group, the number of VMs the reservation discount applies to depends on the VM size you pick when you buy a reservation. It also depends on the sizes of the VMs that you have running. The ratio column compares the relative footprint for each VM size in that instance size flexibility group. Use the ratio value to calculate how the reservation discount applies to the VMs you have running.


The following examples use the sizes and ratios in the DSv2-series table.

You buy a reserved VM instance with the size Standard_DS4_v2 where the ratio or relative footprint compared to the other sizes in that series is 8.

  • Scenario 1: Run eight Standard_DS1_v2 sized VMs with a ratio of 1. Your reservation discount applies to all eight of those VMs.
  • Scenario 2: Run two Standard_DS2_v2 sized VMs with a ratio of 2 each. Also run a Standard_DS3_v2 sized VM with a ratio of 4. The total footprint is 2+2+4=8. So your reservation discount applies to all three of those VMs.
  • Scenario 3: Run one Standard_DS5_v2 with a ratio of 16. Your reservation discount applies to half that VM's compute cost.

The following sections show what sizes are in the same size series group when you buy a reserved VM instance optimized for instance size flexibility.

Instance size flexibility ratio for VMs

CSV below has the instance size flexibility groups, ArmSkuName and the ratios.

Instance size flexibility ratios

We will keep the file URL and the schema fixed so you can consume this file programmatically. The data will also be available through API soon.