Virtual WAN partners and virtual hub locations

This article provides information on Virtual WAN supported regions and partners for connectivity into Virtual Hub.

Azure Virtual WAN is a networking service that provides optimized and automated branch-to-branch connectivity through Azure. Virtual WAN lets you connect and configure branch devices to communicate with Azure. Connection and configuration can be done either manually, or by using provider devices through a Virtual WAN partner. Using partner devices allows you ease of use, simplification of connectivity, and configuration management.

Connectivity from the on-premises device is established in an automated way to the Virtual Hub. A virtual hub is a Microsoft-managed virtual network. The hub contains various service endpoints to enable connectivity from your on-premises network (vpnsite).

Branch IPsec connectivity automation from partners

Devices that connect to Azure Virtual WAN have built-in automation to connect. This is typically set up in the device-management UI (or equivalent), which sets up the connectivity and configuration management between the VPN branch device to an Azure Virtual Hub VPN endpoint (VPN gateway).

The following high-level automation is set up in the device console/management center:

  • Appropriate permissions for the device to access Azure Virtual WAN Resource Group
  • Uploading of Branch Device into Azure Virtual WAN
  • Automatic download of Azure connectivity information
  • Configuration of on-premises branch device

Some connectivity partners may extend the automation to include creating the Azure Virtual Hub VNet and VPN Gateway. If you want to know more about automation, see Automation guidelines for Virtual WAN partners.

Branch IPsec Connectivity partners

You can check the links in this section for more information about services offered by partners. If your branch device partner is not listed in the section below, have your branch device provider contact us. They can contact us by sending an email to

Partners Configuration/How-to/Deployment Guide
Barracuda Networks Barracuda CloudGen Firewall: Azure Virtual WAN
Check Point Check Point for the Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN Quick Start Guide
Cisco Meraki Azure Virtual WAN Cisco Meraki Deployment Guide
Citrix Using Citrix SD-WAN to connect to Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN
Cloudgenix CloudGenix Azure Virtual WAN CloudBlade Deployment Guide
Fortinet FortiGate and Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN Integration deployment guide,Routing Scenario Blog
HPE Aruba Aruba SD-WAN and Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN Deployment Guide
NetFoundry Netfoundry Support Hub: Azure Virtual WAN
Nuage/Nokia Nuage and Azure Virtual WAN Deployment Guide
Open Systems Open Systems and Azure Virtual WAN Deployment Guide
Palo Alto Networks Palo Alto Networks Azure Virtual WAN Deployment Guide
Riverbed Technology Azure Virtual WAN & SteelConnect EX
Silver-Peak EdgeConnect and Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN Integration Guide
VMware SD-WAN Azure Virtual WAN VMware SD-WAN Deployment Guide
Versa Configuring Versa SD-WAN and Microsoft Azure vWAN (Available for registered customers)

* Direct link unavailable. Please contact partner company for support.

The following partners are slated on our roadmap based on a terms sheet signed between the companies indicating the scope of work to automate IPsec connectivity between the partner device and Azure Virtual WAN VPN Gateways: 128 Technologies, Arista, F5 Networks, Oracle SD-WAN (Talari), and SharpLink.

Partners with integrated Virtual Hub offerings

In addition to having automated branch office IPsec connectivity, some partners offer Network Virtual Appliances (NVAs) that can be integrated directly into the Azure Virtual WAN hub. This allows customers the option to terminate their branch connections into a compatible third-party appliance in the Virtual Hub.

Partners that offer NVA in the Virtual WAN Hub must:

  • Have implemented IPsec Connectivity Automation from their branch device and have on-boarded their NVA offering to Azure Virtual WAN hub.
  • Have an existing Network Virtual Appliance offer available in Azure Marketplace.

If you are a partner and have questions about the Managed NVA in the Virtual Hub offering, contact us by sending email to

Integrated Virtual Hub NVA partners

These partners have Managed Application offers that are available now to deploy into the Virtual WAN hub.

Partners Configuration/How-to/Deployment Guide
Barracuda Networks Barracuda CloudGen WAN Deployment Guide
Cisco Cloud Service Router(CSR) VWAN The integration of the Cisco SD-WAN solution with Azure virtual WAN enhances Cloud OnRamp for Multi-Cloud deployments and enables configuring Cisco Catalyst 8000V Edge Software (Cisco Catalyst 8000V) as a network virtual appliance (NVA) in Azure Virtual WAN Hubs. View Cisco SD-WAN Cloud OnRamp, Cisco IOS XE Release 17.x Configuration Guide
VMware SD-WAN in Virtual WAN Hub For instructions on deplaying the VMware SD-WAN Appliance in the Virtual WAN hub, please look at the VMware SD-WAN in Virtual WAN Hub Deployment Guide. To deploy, please access the managed application here

The following partners are slated to bring Network Virtual Appliance in the Virtual Hub offers in the near future: Aviatrix, Citrix, Versa Networks and Silver Peak.


Azure regions within a geopolitical region

Virtual WAN is available for the following regions:

Geopolitical region Azure regions
Australia Government Australia Central, Australia Central 2
Europe France Central, France South, Germany North, Germany West Central, North Europe, Norway East, Switzerland North, Switzerland West, West Europe, UK West, UK South
North America East US, West US, East US 2, West US 2, Central US, South Central US, North Central US, West Central US, Canada Central, Canada East
Asia East Asia, Southeast Asia
India India West, India Central, India South
Japan Japan West, Japan East
Oceania Australia Southeast, Australia East
South Africa South Africa North, South Africa West
South America Brazil South
South Korea Korea Central, Korea South
UAE UAE North, UAE Central

Azure regions and geopolitical boundaries for national clouds

Virtual WAN is available for the following regions:

Geopolitical region Azure regions
US Government cloud US Gov Arizona, US Gov Iowa, US Gov Texas, US Gov Virginia, US DoD Central, US DoD East
China East China East2
China North China North2

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